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  1. jamesgoal

    excelsior college exams lpns are exempted from.

    Hi Liz, Essentials of Nursing Care: Health Differences is just one exam that may be exempt or given credit because of previous LPN school completion. This is the only nursing core that Excelsior will waive. Contact Excelsior to see if its yours meet the criterior. Good luck.
  2. jamesgoal

    Took my NCLEX today!

    Erica sorry you feel this way. According to everything I have read about the pearson trick.. you have passed ...and you're on your way to becoming an RN. But if you want to wait to celebrate when you're 100% sure, thats fine.
  3. jamesgoal

    Passed Transitions Yesterday!

    Loops...memorization is the key. Straight forward regurgation, repetition. Dont get caught up with the dates...just know what was happening during the period of time( which war). What acts apply. The study guide was very accurate on what to study. Im not sure what type of learner you are...but I got alot from being asked questions or grilled by my study buddy. As far as EC practice exams...I wouldnt take an exam without them. Good Luck
  4. jamesgoal

    Passed LS3

    Congrats...the summer will be full of familar names at the CPNE this summer. Way to go. I hope everyone gets their requested test sites and dates.
  5. jamesgoal

    Just registered for the FCCA!!! :-)

    Congrats to all...its good to hear you all talking about your plans and CPNE. I'm 2 tests away...find myself drifting to Allnursing and CPNE boards...cant help it. I'm going on an allnursing fast:nono:....starting tomorrow. Tasha keep your head up you will get it.
  6. jamesgoal


    I'll be ready to study in about a week if you need a study buddy.
  7. I think you have to be ready for this like any other nursing program. As fas as challenge and dedication. For the online it is at your pace, but you still need to be decipline enough to complete the require reading before taking the test. This is the best money I've spent. There is an application fee $$$, I've only had to complete the nursing exam...there are 8 exams (8 x 250 = $2000 add $65 for practice test if you chose addition $520) 1 credit course for computer $365...When that is done you do pratical exams to test clinical knowledge...you may need to travel to NY for this. Its approx $2550. It may seem like alot but compared to flexibility and at your own pace you cant beat it. Different people do have different pace. Also, you may need to complete your prerequiste Micro , A&P and some other. I started in late January, I only needed to complete the nursing courses. I should finish my exams by next month...and the program sometime in Sept or October. You should contact the college for more information as far as whats required for you.
  8. jamesgoal

    Starting with Excelsior in 2011

    LS 3 down on to Repro. Taking chronicity last. Thinking about doing them together. Just feels so close ready to get it over with...I know patience grass hopper. Looks like FCCA is on paper for the reminder of the year. Any how hope everything is going well with all.
  9. jamesgoal

    Passed ls3!!

    :yelclap: Yessss, congrats.
  10. jamesgoal

    Passed LS3- With a B!!crazy for me

    :w00t:I'm so happy for you congrats.
  11. jamesgoal

    Passed LS3!

    Good job...congrats. I would talk to an EC counselor about getting the earliest date. The only know the regions with the shortest wait time. But for now enjoy.
  12. jamesgoal

    Ls3-- types of burn dressings?

    You should do fine relax and get some rest, :zzzzzyou have alot of experience to fall back on. GI was not on the practice exam but may be on the actual exam. I would be suprise if any type of graft would be on the exam...but you never know. Good luck to you.
  13. jamesgoal

    Starting with Excelsior in 2011

    OK Im torn. Dont know what to take . I have 2 test left (soon ) Repro and Chronicity. Not sure which one to take 1st. Chronicity since its similar to the last test. Or Repro because its shorter and covers everything.
  14. jamesgoal

    Starting with Excelsior in 2011

    Determine2b, the study guide says its 3 hours the same as the other exams.
  15. jamesgoal

    Starting with Excelsior in 2011

    kellpn, i think you are doing the right thing by taking chronicity before transitions. but those discussion forums can be helpful and intimidating. i didn’t think is was that bad ... but it was a shift from the normal nursing related questioning. transitions were all about the facts. there are no nursing diagnosis, prioritizing or critical thinking necessary. it must feel good to be so close...i'm hoping to be done before they switch the fcca to online (sometime in june but it keeps changing as far as being pushed back).
  16. jamesgoal

    Starting with Excelsior in 2011

    Touche KelLPN, Congrads on LS2, it was a beast. :dancgrp: I'll take LS1 around 15th...depending on the testing site. I'm doing Chronicity last...a 160 questions exam deserves to b last.