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  1. misty80

    Pediatric General Floor Criteria

    Hey guys! I feel like the unit that I work on is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is safe for our Pediatric patients. It is a general pediatric floor. It is NOT a Children's Hospital and has very few specialties available to consult for patients. The closest Children's Hospital is an hour and a half away. If you are a peds nurse in a PICU, Step Down, or general floor and have established criteria for what is permitted on the floor would you mind sharing what your hospital allows? I keep asking for something in writing that gives specifications on when a child should be transferred to a higher level of care (Intermediate Care, PICU), but I'm getting nowhere. Some examples...are the following allowed on your floor? Kids needing chest tubes (no pulmonologist that sees kids and very limited surgeons willing to see children) New onset diabetics (no diabetic educator available) Respiratory distress/high flow nasal canulas/oxygen limits before transfer Neonates with respirations around 100 with RSV Infants with Pertussis and periodic apnea Ect... Just trying to get some concrete boundaries for better patient safety. I have had to transfer 4 kids in the last 3 days that I felt weren't stable enough for the floor, but feel it's so often a battle with pediatricians. Thanks for your input
  2. misty80

    New to traveling

    Hi. I have been a nurse for two years and I plan on traveling beginning in May, January if I can find something local. I was wondering, how do you decide which company to go with? Any suggestions? Also, I will be homeschooling my five year old and my husband will be going with me. Does anyone else do this, and how is it working out? Thanks.