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  1. bernal4eva

    Needlestick from AIDS pt- HELP

    Hi all, Last night I jabbed myself with a 20g that had already been inserted into the AC of pt (no flash in catheter) who I then shortly therafter found out had AIDS. My ED MD's started me on Ritonavir/Lopinavir 200mg/800mg/day and Emtrictabine/Tenofo within an hour, pt's viral count was Thanks so much
  2. bernal4eva

    Am I dreaming?

    Thanks so much for the reply! So did you quit your job and find a new one each time? I guess thats part of my question too. What kind of position (per diem/traveler/registry) allows you to take that kind of time off?
  3. bernal4eva

    Am I dreaming?

    I've been really dedicated and really lucky thus far in my nursing career and actually managed to land a job in the ED as a new grad in CA. I had this crazy idea when I started nursing school that some day after getting a few years of experience I wanted to spend 6 months working a LOT of hours, and then take 6 months off. Now my family is bi-national, and having the ability to spend extended amounts of time in my wife's home country with her family would make us all much happier. We are very good at living on very little money. My question is, does something like this (6 month on 6 month off) exist? Could I do this through travel nursing? Working for a registry? I intend on staying in the ED where I am now for a couple of years until I have my feet under me, but I'd like to start exploring options now. Any ideas? Thanks for your time!
  4. bernal4eva

    Heart that squeaks

    Hello Blueblood, Not to be alarmist, but I would pay a visit to urgent care! Of course it is impossible to say exactly what is going on, but what you are describing sounds like the "friction rub" that happens sometimes in pericarditis. I know, because I had it, and it was not fun. Go get it checked out. :redbeathe
  5. I'm going to be starting a nursing program (BSN) in either fall of 2009 or spring 2010. Im wondering if those of you already in the process now look back and think "Gosh I really wish I would have ..... before starting the program". Or things that you DID do which helped tremendously. Thanks!
  6. Hi folks, I too have tossed my name into the void! 3.9 GPA in prereqs & 3 sup BUT when I looked last year at the boards, there was no rhyme nor reason I could detect.. At any rate GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!!!!