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Nursing teacher as well as staff nurse in ER

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  1. Teach

    New Prep

    I have been teaching A&P for a few years and now have been asked to teach physical assessment. My first unit is eyes. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can make this interesting for the students. I was thinking of a blindfold activity but would like to incorporate other co-operative learning activities to make it more interesting. I would appreciate any and all ideas. Thanks in advance Nancy
  2. Teach

    IV administration

    YSADL, I have just put together a ppt and course outline in relation to IV therapy. I retrieved a lot of my information from the web as well as a package put together by our local hospital. What can I do to help? Nancy
  3. Teach

    Who decides????

    Who decides what to research and what not to research in your place of employment.....educators, nurse researchers, nurses, phycisians????? What "institution" protocol/policy do you follow? Thanks
  4. In some of the literature I have been reading lately I have noticed some authors stating that research utilization is an organizational responsibility rather than the responsibility of the individual nurse. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Teach
  5. Teach

    Bedside scholar

    What does bedside scholar mean to you and have you ever thought of yourself as a bedside scholar????? Teach
  6. Teach

    nursing research

    Just a question to all of you......what excites you the most about nursing research and what worries you the most????? Teach
  7. Teach

    Determinants of Health

    I am currently teaching a class to 1st year BScN (Canadian) students and one of the first courses I have to teach is relating to the determinants of health. I have been able to pull off quite a bit of info from Health Canada but was trying to think of something fun or creative to get this subject across. Can anyone help? Thanks In Advance Nancy
  8. Teach

    fun student awards

    This Tuesday is my last class (Professionalism) of the semester and I would like to make the class "fun". I was thinking of handing out awards related to nursing but I want them to be humourous. Any ideas out there?????? Thanks In Advance Nancy in Ontario
  9. I will be interviewing for a teaching position at our local community college. I have been asked to prepare to do a 10 minute mini-teach for the interview. Any ideas out there? Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Nancy