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I have been teaching A&P for a few years and now have been asked to teach physical assessment.

My first unit is eyes. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can make this interesting for the students. I was thinking of a blindfold activity but would like to incorporate other co-operative learning activities to make it more interesting.

I would appreciate any and all ideas.

Thanks in advance


We have a set of old eyeglasses that have been made into different disorders- ie vaseline creamed in the middle for macular degeneration, another with pieces of paper taped to create vision cuts etc- a set of 20 for the classroom and the students are given activities to do with the glasses on

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You might also google images for eye conditions. I found some before/after retinopathy. Also, many docs have slides they can share.

As a former opthalmology nurse let me plead my case: PLEASE make sure students understand that red eyes, headaches, N/V & pain may be a glaucoma emergency and needs immediate attention. In fact, anytime pain exists in the eyeball it needs to be addressed as this is not a usual occurance. Diabetic eyes, first aid for chemical burns, the fact that chlamydia is lethal to the eye,---- there are so many topics with good slides available.

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