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  1. nursegirl513


    Hello, As I await my start date for nursing school (The Christ College of Nursing...) , i am trying to figure out what kind of shoes to buy. They have to be all white. We only have clinicals one day a week, but eventually I plan on working in the hospital to pay the bills! Any suggestions? Any would help!! Thanks, D
  2. nursegirl513

    Any Christ College nursing students?!

    Hello! I will be starting Christ in the fall too! :) Can't wait for it it to start and i am just getting exciting getting all of my packets of info in the mail :)
  3. nursegirl513

    CPR Certification for Christ

    Hello! I will be a new student in the fall at the Christ College of Nursing. One of the requirements is that we get our CPR certification. I am just trying to get a feel for where to go. The places that the school suggested are: Safety Instructions Great Oaks Saving Lives LLC American Red Cross American Heart Association Does anyone have any insight? THANKS! :)
  4. nursegirl513

    The Christ College/ help with medical req's

    I will be attending august 2009 as well!! congrats to you and I can't wait!! :)
  5. nursegirl513

    Christ vs. Good Sam

    Did you get the packet in the mail about financial aid? I just received it this past weekend. In the packet it acknowledged the fact that they didn't have the financial aid yet and were willing to defer the payment of fall tuition. Now, I have not read it very closely, but there are a few hoops that you will have to jump through for that to happen. I am in the same boat and do not think i can afford to pay all this upfront without any type of loans. But look into that first, then make your decisions. I am not sure if you can 'defer' your start date, but I am not positive obviously. I have a good friend that went through UC's 4 year program and know a few others that are in it. So I am sure you will get in, don't worry about that. Just work hard and it will happen. But you are on the right path with the questions you are asking!
  6. nursegirl513

    Christ vs. Good Sam

    Hello everyone!! THank you Amanda and everyone else for your advice on the things to get started on before starting in August!! I am too going to Christ so i am really excited!! :)
  7. nursegirl513

    Christ vs. Good Sam

    I understand being nervous about making the right choice. I COMPLETELY hear you and am strugling as well. The $$ that Christ would give you I wouldn't necessarily call it "tuition reimbursement" but i would say more like tuition assistance. I am pretty sure in the info session they talked about that. Unfortunately they did away with the tuition reimbursement (work for christ and get the 2 years paid for!) but this is still good cause u work for them while going to school and they help pay the bills a little bit! BUT i could be completely wrong, so do check into that!!! GOOD luck!
  8. nursegirl513

    Christ vs. Good Sam

    Hi Jennifer! I too was accepted to both Christ and Good Sam so congrats!!!!!!!! we did it!!!! However, i decided against Good Sam because my start date for the program was August 2010! and Christ start is August 2009! I think they are both very similar programs. I never went to an info session at Good Sam, so do not know much about it, but with Christ they had some good aspects as far as getting some money towards tuition if you work as a PCA at christ hospital while you are school, i believe they also have something at christ hospital where they give you a certain amount of money towards going on to get your BSN if you work at christ hospital. so i would check into things like that to see what works best for you! I am now deciding whether to go to Christ for my ADN or UC's accelerated nursing program! ahhh decisions decisions!!! hope i helped a little!
  9. nursegirl513

    Associate Degree vs. Accelerated Bachelors Degree

    Hi CrufflerJJ! thank you so much for your response. It has really helped me make sure I am doing everything correctly! Good Luck on the NCLEX! I am sure you will do great though! I have a question about where you did your Pre-Reqs and some other info if you know. What school did you take your pre-reqs at? I will mostly be doing them at Cincinnati State cause its the cheapest, and some i will have to take at the main campus, and i believe one of them i will have to take a raymond walters. I have to basically take all of the courses. However as I am looking at some of them, some have pre-reqs for that course! One of them is Pharm. I was initially planning on doing this this spring because its only offered in the spring, but it says that only UC college of nursing students can take it and then you have to have a pre-req of an intro to nursing course too!! what is that about!? another course is the child psych course. i looked at that at Cincinnati State and it said that i had to have taken intro to psych 1 and 2! do you think i would have to take allll of those as well? if so, this may not be the best program for me by having to take pre-reqs to get into my other pre-reqs! HELP!
  10. nursegirl513

    Associate Degree vs. Accelerated Bachelors Degree

    Hello! CrufflerJJ-- just had some questions about UC accelerated program. I went to the informational meeting last night about the program and LOVED it!!! I have already applied to 2 ADN programs and awaiting their responses, but i am reallllly thinking about going the accelerated route. UC's program seemed like such a fit because of the time you invest, like you mentioned, and the degrees you come out with at the end!! I am planning on getting started right away on doing pre-reqs. I am also taking advantage of their free GRE study sessions they are holding so i can get the best score i can on it! Just one question though. Can i apply at any time after my GRE scores come in for phase 1, even though im taking corses at the community college? And wouldi just tell them im taking the classes at another place and send them the transcripts when their finished? that is the only part that confused me! Also, did you go into Phase 3 of the program? What specialty did you choose? THANK YOU!
  11. nursegirl513

    PCA in cincinnati

    Thank you all for your responses! It has helped a lot, but also added to my confusion! I am *hoping* to get into a nursing school and start in the fall either starting nursing school or doing pre reqs, depending on the program, but don't know if I should just wait till i have the nursing courses i need under my belt before i can work as a PCA. I am moving out soon and wanted to get a PCA position to 1. get my more knowledge before starting nursing school and 2. get some extra money to help out. Do you think it is pretty necessary for me to get into a STNA program if i want to become a PCA soon? It seems like everyone is saying it is pretty unlikely to be hired if im not trained!!
  12. nursegirl513

    PCA in cincinnati

    I have applied to Christ to work as a PCA earlier this month, but haven't heard anything yet. I truly hope i hear something soon!! What area do you work at for Christ? Are you an RN?
  13. Hello Everyone, Have any of you attended UC's accelerated program? I have been seriously considering going that route instead of going elsewhere for an ADN program. However, i haven't taken the GRE or the pre-reqs they require. Can i still apply now to see if i get in, or do i need to take the GRE and pre-reqs first? If you have gone there, how was the program? THANKS!
  14. nursegirl513

    STNA training in Cincinnati

    Hello... I am looking for some STNA training programs in cincinnati. I would really like to work in a hospital before I *hopefully* begin nursing school this fall. Does anyone know of any programs that offer training? I would ideally like to work at Children's Hospital as a PCA, but really, I would just like to have a job! Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  15. nursegirl513

    Associate Degree vs. Accelerated Bachelors Degree

    Hello! Thank you to everyone who replied! it is so nice getting some answers and just hearing different people's perspectives! I am definately starting to look more closely about going to NKU. Hopefully taking a year of the pre-reqs that i need and apply to the nursing program. Is it a competitive program? My one fear is that i take these pre-reqs and then i cant get into the nursing program . So i am now trying to figure out to apply for just those classes and then hopefully i get in! It is december, almost january... do you think i would be considered for summer enrollment perhaps? that would be terrific! britt-- did you like NKUs accelerated program? What hospitals do you do the clinicals at? Also, have any of you worked as a CNA/PCA before nursing school or during? I really need to save up some money and I would like to work NOW as a pca and during those pre-reqs so that i can live on my own and have a quieter place to study than my current household! I am just struggling to find out how to become one (some suggest taking the courses which cost $500 and some say there are hospitals that hire and then train you!) thank you all for your help! i really appreciate it!!!
  16. nursegirl513

    Nursing Students in Northern Kentucky?

    Thank you so much for that information! I figured it would be best for me to take those pre-reqs there instead of trying to transfer them from a different school where they might not transfer. Can you apply to the nursing program before you take those classes if you show them that you are going to enroll in the classes? Or do you have to take them all first? Should I contact the school and meet with the admissions counselor about this? Also, Since I would be taking only the pre-reqs for a year, i think it would be a good idea to try to get a job at a hospital as a PCA or CNA.