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  1. smiley2526

    Thank You Lord !

    Good for you! I believe the Lord has truly been there for me every step of the way. Best of luck with the rest of the semester.
  2. smiley2526

    How time consuming is it?

    I think 2hrs/day and more on weekends sounds good. A little each day will leave you time to still have fun and be social. I have a few students in my class who also don't have kids or are not married, they still go out and party and have fun. I'm not one of them but I'm happy being a mom and wife it's just I get less sleep (my 2hrs is when everyone is sleep). You'll do great you just have to find what works for you because it may not be the same as everyone else. My best advice is have FUN with it. You're gonna see lots of cool stuff and make lots of great friends. Good Luck.
  3. smiley2526

    new student, not what it seems.

    Glad you think it's so easy. Sorry, but nothing is easy about nursing school. Sorry if I come off a little on the wrong side.
  4. smiley2526

    Teacher dont like me

    Amybeth56, sorry you are going through this. I just finished my first year of the RN program and experienced the same thing. I think it would be a good idea to email your instructor because it is easier for you to make sure you say how you feel. In return she has to acknowledge you and respond in a professional manner. If for some reason she doesn't respond appropriately, keep track of the emails and then go to your Dean of your program. I believe respect goes both ways and unfortunately I realized the top students are most respected. On the other hand a "C" or "A" student still= RN.
  5. smiley2526

    One year down!

    Good for you. I also have good news I finished my first year of RN program, just one more to go.
  6. smiley2526

    Thank You Lord !

    I'm touched by your story. I don't know how I'd make it through each day without the Lord. I feel like He's been carrying me for awhile. I feel like giving up on school but I know He's cheering me on from above to keep going.
  7. smiley2526

    Got 100% on my Renal Exam

    :wink2: Your awesome!!!!!
  8. smiley2526

    I hate nursing

    I think your choice of words don't reflect how you really feel. To say you "hate everything nursing" is hard to believe because you say you're the top in your class. You can be an entrupernuer or a housewife. Regardless, do what makes you happy.
  9. Thank you for taking the words out of my mouth. Everytime I am about to get a real answer out of my instructor one of the students has to but in with their two cents.
  10. smiley2526

    Anyone else experiencing burnout??

    This is my first semester and I can't say I'm burnt out, but I'm tired of the BS too. There are several students the teachers favor (not the A students) and just let them slide with certain behavior. The traveling sucks because my clinical sites are 40 mins away and there's gonna be lots of snow soon. I just keep praying because God willing I'll get through this. Finals are next week 200 MCQ and 3hrs to take it. :)