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CorrectionalNP specializes in Family Practice.

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  1. CorrectionalNP

    Doctoral degree to become an NP???

    "The DNP is what my professors in grad school used to refer to as a "quick 'n dirty" doctorate. A more accurate description would be "a glorified Master's" (which is exactly what the DNP programs are -- an MSN program with a few extra courses and delusions of grandeur :))." Very well put. I am a Masters prepared FNP. I am all for advancing the nursing profession, but this previous quote is "right on the mark". It is a glorified Masters Degree. At first I was in favor of a Doctorate for clinical practice, such as the Clinical Psychologist have. But in reality, I'm not sure what it will add to the Professional Practice.
  2. CorrectionalNP

    Doctoral degree to become an NP???

    "All you get from the PA is half again as much clinical education and more than twice the didactic time compared to the DNP. Some of us are more into the knowledge and the experience than the title (and I make a lot more than $70k/yr). David Carpenter, PA-C" Thank you David. You made my point.
  3. CorrectionalNP

    Doctoral degree to become an NP???

    What will you have as a PA (Physicians Assistant)? No independent license and no doctor before your name. Besides that, you will get the $70,000 a year. Expand your horizons. Quote, "Brick walls are there for a reason. They let us prove how badly we want things."
  4. CorrectionalNP

    USPHS Pay Rates/Scales

    What is your specialty, may I ask? What type of initial assignment are you hoping to get?
  5. CorrectionalNP


    I'm a USPHS Officer for the past 21 year. I've worked in the Indian Health Service, Immigration Health, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I can answer most questions you have about assignments, benefits, recruiting, and retirement.
  6. CorrectionalNP

    USPHS Pay Rates/Scales

    Sure. That's correct. But, you need to look at the job. If you can get a job in lower Manhattan, you will get the maximum housing allowance. On the other hand, if you get a job in rural Arizona, the housing allowance will be near the low end. There are only two jobs usually available in Manhattan (DIHS, and BOP). In rural Arizona (or Montana) there are usually more than two. I've been in USPHS for 21 years. I can answer most questions you have.