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  1. I am so happy to hear this. So an exterminator and window washer work harder than a nurse in an ICU, REHAB or Ortho? I highly doubt that. I know a nurse who tore her rotator cuff because she had to act quickly. Her client who had a CVA started to vomit while on his back. If she hadn't quickly turned him, he would have aspirated. 10 years later, she still suffers with shoulder damage and pain. So please NY, don't say that nursing is not physically more demanding than exterminator and window washing!! This is just one of many stories, I am sure.
  2. karrikon

    Should I go for an ADN or do an LVN-BSN program?

    University of Phoenix? I need an LVN to RN or LVN to BSN. I just started supervisory job with City of SF.
  3. And, can anyone share the prereqs or admissions checklist?
  4. And, can anyone share the prereqs or admissions checklist?
  5. Can you clarify if BOTH Modesto and Sacramento have the LVN to BSN program? I keep hearing different things.
  6. karrikon

    Transfering nursing programs??

    Can anyone tell me if I can transfer nursing programs within California? I just moved back from NC. I am a LVN. I was working on a bridge program, Excelsior, in NC. I did all coursework and stopped just shy of the CPNE. My dad is not well and I felt I needed to move back. California no longer takes Excelsior grads. I am looking into LVN to RN bridge programs here in CA. BUT, if I decide to move, is there some type of reciprocity for transfer students? I am not sure I can tolerate staying in the Inland Empire for the whole program. Anyway, I would love to hear from anyone who was able to transfer LVN to RN bridge programs or ADN nursing programs within the State of California. ANY information would be much appreciated!
  7. karrikon

    Violence in Nursing

    I like that. I will use it if I ever have to.
  8. karrikon

    Violence in Nursing

    Yes, the question was for you. I heard a lo of wisdom and experience in your suggestions. I figured you must have had a lot of well-rounded career experience. Thank you for sharing!
  9. karrikon

    Violence in Nursing

    Damn, you're good! Are you in management? You could be a counselor!
  10. karrikon

    MENTAL HEALTH LVN jobs in SoCal

    Thank you for the advice. I am a LVN who just moved back to CA. I also have degree in psych and a master's in counseling. I was a psych tech in NC working under a CNA and LVN license. I am hoping that they will grant me a psych tech license. Hopefully they can find something in all my education that would apply. I really enjoy psych. Again, I appreciate you telling me which courses would be needed.
  11. I just moved back to CA and there are a few Concorde career colleges here. I was 41 when I went to LPN school. There are some bridge programs. I would think in Colorado, you could do Indiana State distance program. There are others out there though.
  12. karrikon

    LVN to RN programs Sacramento

    Can you tell me how much the RN portion costs? I am an LVN now and looking for RN program. I like the fast pace of Concorde.
  13. karrikon

    Merritt College ADN

    Can you tell m where you ended up going after Merritt? I am an LVN looking for a bridge program in the Bay Area. Thanks!
  14. karrikon

    Anyone goes to Concordia University Irvine?

    I know this post is from many years ago, but can anyone tell me about the LVN to RN Concordia program? I have a bachelor's in another field, I am an LVN and don't want to spend much time in school. Anyone know the cost?
  15. karrikon

    Online LPN to RN Program Recommendations

    WGU is very diffuse to get into. I have a high gap and I have been shot down several times.
  16. Hi there. I did all of the Excelsior course and stopped short of the exam since I moved from NC back to CA. They no longer accept Excelsior grads in CA.I was going to do a semi online program called Davidson CC but you would have to live in NC for clinical. Not sure if DC accepts Indiana State U or not. Keep looking.