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  1. karrikon

    How hard is LPN school?

    That helps me tremendously. I appreciate any and all comments, because I am still quite unsure about all of this, if it is the right thing or not. THANKS AGAIN!
  2. karrikon

    How hard is LPN school?

    Thanks nurse lovejoy88! I need some good mojo!
  3. karrikon

    How hard is LPN school?

    This was very helpful to me too. I am in a professional job and giving it up for school. I am terrified about making enough $. I hope I can do it because I am not one of the fortunates.
  4. karrikon

    Too old to become an LNA?

    You are never too old! Age is not always chronological, but attitude as well. My mother is the same age as you, and if she is still nursing and plans to continue, why shouldn't you start now??
  5. karrikon

    I need a lot of help, failed out of nursing school

    I understand why you are feeling bad. Just to let you know, I have know several people to fail out, two lately. It is very hard to juggle school, work and family. I have a master's degree, but if I were to do the RN or LPN program, I might fail out too. Some of the most intelligent people do. It is run like the military, you may notice in some ways. I would try to focus on the BSN program. Why not?? The local tech schools/community colleges, I hear, are more competetive, more difficult. Maybe that could be your focus.
  6. karrikon

    Why become a CNA? Be a Medical assistant instead

    I agree whole-heartedly. The nurses are very non-understanding of how hard we work. They keep you short-staffed and rarely ever give praise. I do it on the weekends and have for a year. It is a very thankless job, but I do love the clients. I am, however, starting to realize that I may have a slipped disk. It is back-breaking work. In many nursing schools, you don't have a chance inless you get your CNA. So, I think this is why people go this route. All the nursing schools in my area expect that you will have your CNA by the time you apply.
  7. karrikon

    Planning to move to California...

    I disagree, TRAVDUCK. NOT effensive to me, lived there for 35 years then moved. I say Cali often. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, a personal opinion as to someone's level of being offended. Maybe if you are applying for the job, that would be different, but this is just a friendly little forum.
  8. karrikon

    Anyone in Visalia?

    My sister also moved from the Bay area after 10 years to Visalia, and the adjustment was difficult for her. Expect an adjustment period, as it is certainly not the Bay area!
  9. karrikon

    Anyone in Visalia?

    My sister lives in Visalia but is not a nurse. She says the hospital does not have a good reputation. Apparently, Fresno has a better reputation.
  10. karrikon

    Planning to move to California...

    Hi Tonya- I am from Cali, currently living in Asheville. You can expect 25-30 starting out, according to my BSN mother, also from Cali. Yes, there is a ratio, but CNA's are still used. I was told that in critical care, the RN does more of the work. Since you will have 1 year experience in July, why don't you wait until then and sign on with a travel company? That way you can see how you like it and make the move much easier. I know many who have done this. I am a school counselor, working part-time as a CNA and planning on going back for a second degree BSN. I wish you luck!
  11. karrikon

    Mercy School of Nursing Charlotte Wait List

    Hello Mercy students- I, too, have a BA and MS in other fields. I am a part-time CNA as well, and I am interested in the part-time evening/weekend program. I cannot find any info or proper website to talk about the programs. What are the hours? Prereqs? Nights of School? Etc...? Can anyone provide me with a link with more info? Thanks so much! Karrikon