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  1. Where Is The Motivation on Retaking NCLEX?

    Hey Jazzy... we can do it.!
  2. I Passed on my 4th Try

    Nice! congrats to you...:)
  3. NCLEX-RN: 265 questions and PASSED!

    congrats to you! what a great feeling!!!
  4. Congrats to you and thanks for the words of advice.
  5. Failed NCLEX-RN on 1st attempt... Need suggestions

    Try Suzzanne's plan. That is what I'm doing. Perhaps it will help both of us on our next attempt to try.
  6. Hey!! that's awesome. And congrats to you getting that license. Thanks for the words of inspiration too. =)
  7. May this be the best New Years for you and finally got over the hump of that nclex exam. Good luck and hope for the best! =)
  8. nclex passed 2nd time... my take on it

    Thanks for the inspiring noting. It does feel good to have the RN behind your name. I think that's the most coolest thing. Oh and passing this horrible exam and overcoming it is probably the greatest feeling ever!
  9. I Finally Passed!!! Glory Be 2 God!! Prayer Works!!!

    WAYYYYY TO GO! congrats to you and all the achievements!
  10. I Took My Nclex This Morning!

    good luck to you!
  11. Just failed NCLEX-Rn for 3rd time!!

    Hey, I failed the nclex too and it's not so fun studying for this exam. I know it is frustrating and its good that you're not giving up. I am trying to do suzanne's plan and it started with the saunders book. So giving suzzane's plan a shot may not ...
  12. Depressed about the NCLEX!! HELPP

    Try purchasing the Saunders' 4th edition book and do what suzanne's plan ask for starters. Perhaps it may help. I'm working on it too.
  13. tomorrow is my 2nd time to take the NCLEX-RN

    Awesome! Congratulations :)
  14. failed nclex 4 times

    Hi... If it helps, you can try and purchase the saunders book 4th edition. It is from suzanne's plan. And do the first tip. It is what i have been doing too.
  15. Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    Blood Sugar Mnemonic If its high and dry then you must be sugar high! If its cold and clammy then you need some candy! For addison's disease vs Cushing's syndrome addison is skinny ( hypoglycemic, you get weight loss, you got weakness, and you get po...