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  1. Phlebotomy/EKG Tech in S. Florida?

    Hi, You have not tried at the Medical Campus of Miami Dade College? I would think you can do it there. Hope this helps.
  2. LPN or Medical Assistant?

    Thank you all for your reply. I am sorry I guess I should have given some more information of my situation. I am currently unemployed, Workforce will be paying for my education. I have a six year old and an eleven year old with limited child care sin...
  3. LPN or Medical Assistant?

    Good Afternoon, All. I am so confused if I should go for LPN or Medical Assistant. Is this a taboo to even mention on this site in the same sentence? I was told by a doctor at the college that after I complete the course and become certified I can co...
  4. books for Lindsey hopkins Lpn program in miami

    Hi. Hope you did well at Lindsey Hopkins. How was the program? I am considering attending their program in the evening. If you could give me input I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
  5. PHCC Spring 2011 LPN Program

    Hi, I am not taking the LPN course at PHCC but wanted to know how you did on the test? I hope you passed. :yeah: I myself should have enrolled 2 years ago and didn't so am looking for a school now and am determined to do it. All the best to you!
  6. Why Does Everyone Hate Florida So Much??

    Well unless you have not lived any where else there is nothing to compare it to. I could not wait to live here growing up now I don't want to raise my children here. BTW mt husband was transfered here.
  7. Best Paying Hospitals in South Florida???

    Thank you Mikey 0-0. i appreciate the info.:bowingpur
  8. Why Does Everyone Hate Florida So Much??

    That is just it great to visit but you can't live here.
  9. Why Does Everyone Hate Florida So Much??

    Good evening! As a former New Yorker (3 years ago) I wish to say i can't wait to leave Miami. My main problem people are rude here. Thank you.
  10. looking 4 best school in Miami 2 become lpn

    welcome to miami! i will be attending robert morgan in sw miami that i have heard wonderful things about. i realize you don't want to commute just offering another option. all the best to you and good luck with everything!
  11. Possible LPN in Miami, Fl.

    thank you BerryHappy! I am very hopeful that all will work out. Thanks for your in put!!!!
  12. can anyone give some advice for the TEAS test?

    Thank you future er rn! I did pick up the book and it has helped me alot! I will keep the questions coming and thank you for your wel wishes!!!:wink2:
  13. Best Paying Hospitals in South Florida???

    Thank you for your reply! I never was a union buff either but now I take my hat off to them. What can we do - make the best off it now and take the lpn program for me and back to NY I go! As you also mentioned no one wants to rock the boat and say wh...
  14. Best Paying Hospitals in South Florida???

    Hello all! As a former New Yorker(3 years) I regret the move and long to go back!! I am now going back to school for nursing and it has been my happiest time here! Baptist is also very difficult to work for when you come from NY work force mentalit...
  15. Hello All! If anyone can give me feedback on the TEAS test and the Robert Morgan program it will be greatly appreciated!!:bowingpur To the future:nurse:!!! THANK YOU!!!