LPN or Medical Assistant?

by miatap Member

Good Afternoon, All.:jester:

I am so confused if I should go for LPN or Medical Assistant. Is this a taboo to even mention on this site in the same sentence? I was told by a doctor at the college that after I complete the course and become certified I can continue onto the bridge program for RN.

Can anyone give me some feed back? I will greatly appreciate it.:yeah:

Thank you!:heartbeat

ashleyisawesome, BSN, RN

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if you want to be an RN, why not go straight for RN in the first place? Personally if I had to choose between LPN and MA, i would do LPN. But I am not sure of your circumstances and why you feel the need to go through school twice.

Anne36, LPN

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If you do LPN then at least you would be on your way to RN if you chose to do that. I think it all depends on your long term goals and where you want to work. Do you know what the difference in pay is from medical assistant to LPN?

BeenThereDoneThat74, MSN, RN

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My first instinct is to say LPN (if for some reason RN is not possible right now).

Ask yourself this: what do you want to do? Where do you see yourself working? And what jobs are more available in you area?


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Thank you all for your reply.:yeah:

I am sorry I guess I should have given some more information of my situation.:coollook:

I am currently unemployed, Workforce will be paying for my education. I have a six year old and an eleven year old with limited child care since my husband does not have very much flexiblity at work.

I looked into a part-time Medical Assistant program at the local college but previously looked into a vocational public school which offered the LPN program in the evenings. Since then that school has stopped offering the evening program for LPN.

I also have not been in school for quite some time.

Thank you again for your help.

Please keep the advise coming it it so greatly appreciated.:yeah:


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Hello I am also interested in becoming an LPN. But I would like to know whats the difference in getting a degree or certificate? is the difference significant? Also would like to know if anyone has attended Prism Career institute since I plan on checking out that school havent really seen many reviews from it. Would like to know if its a reputable school. I would like to start school right away. If anyone knows any schools in the Philadelphia area or not to far from it, please let me know. Thank you


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MiaTap I am not to familiar with everything . But I did hear that if you cant go for your R.N right away the LPN is the best way to go being that you can further your education and study for your R.N while your working as an LPN so that way some cashflow is coming in.


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After being in similar situation I would def say LPN... reason is that an MA on average pays lower than an LPN. LPN's can usually find work in a hospital, nursing home, home care, dr office,etc. MA's are usually more confined to a dr office or clinic. and as other poster's have mentioned, with your LPN you could to an RN bridge program, which with 2 kids (i have 4, my youngets the same age as your oldest) that will get older and cost more... you will prob want to do that one day when they get older. many bridge program are only 1 or 2 semesters...now with your MA that is as high as it goes, they give you no credit for that in an RN program. I knew a lady that was an MA, she worked her butt off caring for 6 kids and she so regretted not doing her LPN instead. eventually she did her LPn and then her RN but she felt like she wasted all that time and experience. not to mention the pay was not equal. in southern california she was making as an MA with like 15 yrs experience about 13$ hr versus a new grad LPN was starting at about $14/ hr, of course it will differ everywhere but for the most part it seems to be about that in pay difference. best of luck to you and i think it is great that you are using this time to get your education.