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  1. shistevens

    Just a quick question, Im in Tulsa

    So, u didn't have a degree before wntering the RN program? I haven't heard of NOC....where is that? OKC? I AM going to do this! Thank u for all your input. I appreciate someone answering!!!!!
  2. shistevens

    Just a quick question, Im in Tulsa

    Where are you attending that you went straight into the RN program??? I don't have my associates yet, and lack only a few hours. AAARRRGGGHHH, if I call a school to ask questions.....it seems all about recruiting. i need someone to lay it out for me and say, You need to do this, this and this, then you can start the program. I work high stress now, and am able to handle the workload, I believe. I am not normally a person that needs thier hand held, but so overwhelmed right now. Probably because I am working in Dallas right now during the week, and only home on the weekends. Missin MDH and Kiddos.
  3. shistevens

    Just a quick question, Im in Tulsa

    I work in the mortgage field right now, and have thought about nursing for a long time, just scared to make that jump into the unknown. NE Tech in Pryor has an RN program that I am a few points shy of getting accepted, so will need to take medical term, and get my CPR, no biggee. I DON"T have my LPN. I am trying to figure out if this is a detriment going into the nursing field. Also, trying to figure out if it is best for me to get my CNA in 2-4 weeks and work as a CNA while going to nursing school. I KNOW it will be hard. So 2nd thing.......Are online degrees legit?? and will any 'good' job be willing to accept someone with an online nursing degree??? There it is. that is all. I am leaving my job for good on Sept 15th. Scared to death. Need to get going on this. Thank you all so much for your input.