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  1. Craychek

    When are TEDs no longer EFFECTIVE

    While I know that Sequential TEDs are effective in dvt prophilaxis, the question I have is when do the TEDs no longer becoming useful? Is it when the pt is getting 2 times a day? 4? when the pt is ambulating 50 feet? I mean at what point do the sequentials no longer have any purpose or aren't really doing anything because the pt is moving enough? I've tried looking through the literature I have access to and I haven't found anything yet and google hasn't been helpful eather:crying2: So any help or nugs in the right direction would be very helpful :-D
  2. Craychek

    Meds. via Dobhoff feeding tubes

    i have never had a problem with a dobhoff clotting off when giving crushed meds and I have been able to get residuals back on dobhoffs, but yah a general rule since dobhoffs are supposed to bypass the stomach if they are placed appropriately you should NOT get residuals.
  3. Craychek

    staffing/patient ratios that work

    well I work on a telemetry/stepdown unit with 29 beds and the nurses(charge included) take 4-5 patients a piece depending on the grid on nights. occassionally the charge will take only 3, and we also do not have any techs either on nights. on days, nurses take 3 patients and have 2 techs(lucky!) It's a bit hecktic when you first start on this floor but after you get used to the heavy load it's not bad.
  4. K guys, I've looked high and low for this answer and I have even asked 3 pharmacists about this and two house supervisors and NO ONE seems to know why we give nexium and protonix over 3 and 15 minutes respectively. It's just bugging me to know end. If I'm going to be doing something I tend to want to know what the evidence is behind it. So if anyone knows why we give IV nexium and IV protonix over slow rates please help me out :-D Craig
  5. Craychek

    Nebraska Methodist College---HELP!!!!!!!!

    Yes I will second that one, I did creighton's accelerated and it was totally worth it though you cannot work at ALL during this time and taking care of children is extremely difficult though doable. However, the programs are very time consuming. I spent 8-12 hours a day in either class or clinicals and then another 1-4 hours a night studying including weekends. Again it's a rough year but totally worth it in the end because it challenges your time management skills, your organizational skills, and your ability to learn things quickly and effectively. I hope this helps.
  6. Craychek

    New Nurse...Need some career advice!!!

    I work over at creighton med center and one of our staff actually works here full time and then does the home health thing on the side for some extra money and it works out pretty well :-) My advice is to find a hospital to work in because normally the pt ratios aren't bad, though I here methodist has some nasty ratios of 1 nurse to 8-10 pts. I know at creighton and at UNMC most floors will be 4-5 pts max assuming the hospital is staffed. Of course this is excluding CCUs and ICUs. Anyways that's my $0.02
  7. Craychek

    Nursing School in NE?

    I believe there are 2 accelerated programs here in omaha, one at creighton and one at UNMC, but don't quote me on that one. I went through the creighton one and it was a lot of hard work but well worth it. As for an assosiates degree college of st. mary might have one and I'm sure metro does. beyond that I'm just not sure. Anyways, as far as suggestions go, I would say try for an accelerated program because often they also offer full ride scholarships if you sign a contract to work for their hospital for 3-4 years. It is well worth it and the education tends to be pretty good. IMO if you can survive an accelerated program you will function very well as a nurse.