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  1. Renie

    What age were you when you went to nursing school?

    Started pre-reqs at 31, currently in BSN program first semester, will be finished Dec2008 at age 38 with two kids, husband, full time job. It's stressful at times but my dream is well worth it. Never to late, never to old and to take a line from Will Smith if you want something, go after it PERIOD.:yelclap:
  2. Renie

    Birth Shot Records for school??????

    Thanks to all who replied - you all helped me alot I now have many different avenues to try - before I was stuck. I have tried my HS first and they charge $10 to do the search and I have also went to my doctors to do the titers. So we will see where this leads to - if I have to do them all again I think I will try the health clinic. Very Grateful - I Love this Forum ):1luvu:
  3. I just got accepted to nursing school for Fall06. And I have alot to do between now and then but one thing I am clueless about is how to find my shot records from birth I am thirtyfive years old and I don't have any idea about how to obtain records from this far back. Did anybody else have this problem or a solution to my dilemma.
  4. Renie

    nursing student ages....

    Hey Go All Out for it - I'm 33 w/2kids, husband, and full time job - currently finishing up my pre-reqs-got 3 to go before I start nursing school this fall - evenings and weekends, I'm doing it fellas - currently working on my second career going to do what I always wanted to do, it's never to late. All of the people in my A&P class are 30+.
  5. Renie

    student nursing

    Hi guys - Go for it - I am 33 with 2kids, husband, and full time job - going for my second career. Have 3 pre-reqs left to go before I start nursing in the fall - nights and weekends baby - after I that I'll go back for the BSN.
  6. Renie

    Looking for a good PT nursing school

    Yes trying to get in by the Fall, I'm pushing it but I can do it. I still have A&P II & Diet I'm doing those this spring and then I have Micro which I here is a killer and Dev Psych. I would love to go during the day but I have FT job and married w/2 kids. So doing the day is out - evening two days a week & every other weekend is not to bad, been doing that two years now, gotta do what you gotta do, it will all be worth it in the end. Glad that you are enjoying where you are, because I have heard horror stories. Did you just start this Fall?
  7. Renie

    Looking for a good PT nursing school

    How are you doing in school? Do you like it?
  8. Renie

    Looking for a good PT nursing school

    Thanks, you helped. Are you a nurse or going to school?
  9. I am currently enrolled in CCP, taking A&P I. And I need to really decide on a evening nursing school. But I need HELP - does anybody know of anyone going or went to any of the pt/even nursing schools in are area. Like Methodist, Abington, or Episcopal? I have heard a few things about two of the schools but just hear say, looking for some more info.