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Looking for a good PT nursing school

Renie Renie (New) New

I am currently enrolled in CCP, taking A&P I. And I need to really decide on a evening nursing school. But I need HELP - does anybody know of anyone going or went to any of the pt/even nursing schools in are area. Like Methodist, Abington, or Episcopal? I have heard a few things about two of the schools but just hear say, looking for some more info.

ugh, I hate Abington. They are very hard to get into, not to sound pessimistic, but they won't consider anyone with a flawed past. My friend applied ( she doesn't have anything bad academically in her past) and they kept her hanging two years, then said no. (Told her something like, well, we ran outta spots this yer, but you'll be first in line next year) Next year rolls around, and oops, we don't have room for you.

Methodist I hear is very tough, BUT graduates are looked at fondly at hiring time because the courses are tougher. You'll know your stuff by the time you leave there, thats a guarantee. Also, If you live in the city its a tad convienent because I believe its right off of 95? I think....

I knew someone who went there, and she said she was ALWAYS on her toes from day one, and she LOVED IT.

I haven't heard anything about episcopal, except I think its connected with Temple? That can only be good I think...

Sorry I couldn't be more help, good luck to ya!

Thanks, you helped. Are you a nurse or going to school?

I am in school, at an only full time diploma program.

Its a shame you can't stay at CCP. Their program is soooo cheap. I'm not going there either, but I think its only a few thousand.

Best of luck....

How are you doing in school? Do you like it?

OH my gosh, I love it. The people I go to classes with are just wonderful (with a few exceptions of course) the instructors are thorough, intelligent, and fair, however, they don't let you get away with anything, which I love because I am so neurotic about school. However, they try to accomodate someone who had something major and unexpected come up, which I respect, because one never knows when a true emergency comes up. The course work isn't tough yet, but its alot of stuff to know, and I love the fact that I am actually LEARNING the stuff, and have learned how to think "critically" instead of academically. Real clinicals start next week. I can't wait!

Will you be applying for the coming year?

Yes trying to get in by the Fall, I'm pushing it but I can do it. I still have A&P II & Diet I'm doing those this spring and then I have Micro which I here is a killer and Dev Psych. I would love to go during the day but I have FT job and married w/2 kids. So doing the day is out - evening two days a week & every other weekend is not to bad, been doing that two years now, gotta do what you gotta do, it will all be worth it in the end. Glad that you are enjoying where you are, because I have heard horror stories. Did you just start this Fall?

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