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techraider77 has 12 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in Periop.

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  1. New England OR Assignment Suggestion

    Thanks! Have you worked at any hospitals in Boston?
  2. New England OR Assignment Suggestion

    Currently in Minneapolis looking to head to New England in May. Curious if anyone has a had a good experience at any of the hospitals there. OR nurse here.
  3. Seeking Seattle Agency Gig

    Work full time and looking to pick up 8-12 hours a week working agency. I’m in Seattle. OR nurse. Anyone know a good company In the area that can help me out? Thanks
  4. Best OR In Twin Cities

    10 year veteran of everything in the OR. Looking to move from Seattle to the Twin Cities and curious where is a good place to go. Love orthopedics
  5. Providence Everett OR

    Hi. Thinking of moving to Everett and curious if anyone is familiar with the OR at Prov Everett? Thanks
  6. OR Nurse Moving From Seattle To MSP

    9 year OR nurse looking to relocate to the Twin Cities. I do not scrub. Looking for the best hospital in the city for the OR. Any suggestions? I like a strong union and a good shift differential. Thanks.
  7. Naval Periop Reserve Nurse

    Going through the process of joining the Naval reserve nurse corps and curious about skills expected in this position. Only ever been an OR circulator for 9 years and haven't even started an IV since nursing school. Thanks.
  8. FY 19 Navy Nursing

    Hello. Anyone have info on Perioperative nursing needs in the Naval Reserves for 2019? I submitted but my recruiter said it can take til the end of September to hear. Thanks
  9. Need A Good Army Recruiter

    Thanks. I worked with a previous recruiter but could never get her to call me back. Haven't submitted any paperwork yet.
  10. Need A Good Army Recruiter

    Live in Seattle. Looking to join Army Reserves as a perioperative nurse. Anyone know a good recruiter? Thanks
  11. Relocating to Seattle

    I currently work at UWMC in the OR. Great place to work and the management knows what they are doing. Great place to work compared to Swedish.
  12. Perioperative Naval Reserve

    Not sure about the Air Force need for nurses. I'm in the 21 day waiting period for the Navy for the nurse specialty manager to send out my CV and other paperwork. Just waiting now.
  13. Perioperative Naval Reserve

    It's goin well. Can be hard to reach the recruiter at times but not that bad. I'm waiting to hear back from her on what other info she needs. I've sent in my CV, proof of licensure and most recent transcript. I've been a nurse for 8 years and have my...
  14. Perioperative Naval Reserve

    Hello. I have contacted a recruiter and started the process of joining the reserves. Any periop nurses out there able to fill me in on what its like being a periop nurse in the naval reserves? Are they still in need this year? Thanks
  15. Waiver For Anti-Depressive

    Perioperative nurse here. I've been on Lexapro for 8 years for anxiety and slight depression. I just haven't tried tapering it off yet. What are the chances of receiving a waiver for this? Thanks

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