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Currently in Minneapolis looking to head to New England in May. Curious if anyone has a had a good experience at any of the hospitals there. OR nurse here. 

Good experience at all I've been to. Concord, Bangor, Portland, Springfield, Pittsfield. Some of those were open heart. 8 months at Concord, multiple assignments at Springfield and Pittsfield. All union as is usual in New England. 

Specializes in Periop.

Thanks! Have you worked at any hospitals in Boston?

Nope, full list provided. 

I did Lahey Medical Center in Boston & St. Vincent's in Bridgeport, Connecticut. They were both great! Bridgeport was right by the train station so I could be in Grand Central Station in NYC in 40 min. And Lahey was only 20 min from the city (Boston). Staff was super nice both places. 
Working in Boston was also fun because you could go to like, 4 different states & back in a day. 
I think that's all I've done in New England but I hope it's helpful. Have a great assignment wherever you end up going! 


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