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HospitalNurseIsOnThePhone has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in MedSurg, phone triage.

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  1. HospitalNurseIsOnThePhone

    Inexperienced ER help

    Please forgive the long story! Our ER is seriously drowning. As in patients waiting full DAYS (not hours), EMTs being requested to stay with instead of drop off patients because there is no one to care for them, etc etc. On a particularly bad day the hospital had to enact their disaster plan and pull employees from all departments, ancillary staff included for extra hands just to get almost stable. We weren’t able to go on diversion bc the other area hospitals already were. I have worked at this hospital for years, and I truly love our organization. However, I have been away from bedside nursing (Telehealth)for 4-5 years. Prior to that, I was med surg. Not only are bedside skills likely super rusty, I have zero ED experience as an RN. I would really love to help for the sake of our patients/ community but I know transitioning to a specialty like this in a struggling environment will be an extreme challenge. I would truly love to hear any and all advice/opinions/thoughts you may have. Should I run to the fire or away from it?? SN: I have already put my name on the list to be called as a disaster volunteer if the need arises again. My husband is slightly concerned about the risk of bringing home COVID as well since we have small children who are too young to be vaccinated. He says he would be less anxious if I did all I could to be safe. What measures are you taking to limit transmission?
  2. HospitalNurseIsOnThePhone

    Patient Refusing Unvaccinated RN

    Personal opinion: I think a patient should always be able to request a new caregiver no matter what their reasons are, or whether we agree with their reasons. If they are uncomfortable with a situation and it is within our ability to adjust to accommodate them- why not?
  3. HospitalNurseIsOnThePhone

    Passed the NCLEX-RN it is TOTALLY possible!

  4. HospitalNurseIsOnThePhone

    PLEASE help!!!!!

    The NCLEX exam is a computer adaptive test (CAT). You will have between 75-265 questions, and up to 6 hours to test. The exam begins by giving you a moderately easy question. If you get it wrong, they give you an easier question; if you get it correct, they give you a more difficult question. You have to answer a certain number of questions correctly above a predetermined level to pass the exam. Your computer will shut off whenever you have answered enough questions for the system to determine whether you are at a consistently passing or consistently failing level. So, your test can end at 75 questions if you answered enough questions correctly, or too many incorrectly. Don't EVER assume that you're failing! That will just sink your self-esteem and ruin your focus! REMEMBER...as long as you're still testing, you still have a chance to pass! I'm sure you'll do great!:cheers:
  5. HospitalNurseIsOnThePhone

    Need your help - trying to change school policy

    What you're doing is GREAT!! I am in a BSN program in South Carolina. In 4 semesters our class size has gone from 45 to 23, so I feel your pain. Any grade below 80% is failing, they don't round up (a 79.99 is FAILING) and two failing grades gets you kicked out of the program! ...and we wonder why the shortage...