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Started nursing school in the Spring of '09 at TWU. I graduate this December and I am thrilled to begin my career as a nurse!

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  1. TWUness1

    Day shift or night shift - Which do you prefer? Why?

    I currently work nights & do not like it (9pm-9am). My husband works days & usually gets home around 7pm; so, on average I have 1 hour to spend w/ him before I have to leave. I also work 5 days a week. I don't like having to sacrifice my sleep to get errands done as well. I'm moving to Colorado in November & will likely be transferring w/ the company I am with now. I'm definitely going to request to work days.
  2. TWUness1

    License by endorsement- Tx to Co

    Hello all, My husband & I will be making the move to Colorado after Thanksgiving of this year. Both Texas & Colorado are compact states (which makes it a little bit easier) but I'm still a little confused about the process. *Should I wait until I officially move to Colorado & have a Colorado driver's license before I turn in my application? I see on the form where you can request a temporary license (120 days) that can be used until the permanent is issued. *Also, I am a newlywed & my new Colorado license will need to have my married name on it (current Texas one does not). Do I need to fill out another form for this or just send a copy of my drivers license with application- it will have my new married name on it. Thanks, Vanessa
  3. TWUness1

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    Hey guys, I am taking my nclex 2/14 & I am SOOOO nervous. Does anyone have any tips? I've already read through the 1st 30 pages of this thread, lol. Here are my 5 NCLEX facts: (1) An increase of 300 cal/day is needed for pregnancy per fetus & 500 for bfing (2) W/ Hodgkin's Disease (type of lymphoma) there is a presence of reed sternberg cells (3)W/ Diverticulosis NO heavy lifting (4) CK-MB is the *gold standard* for a MI (5) Pt's w/ endocarditis should inform other healthcare providers of dx
  4. TWUness1

    HESI Help!!

    Hello everyone!! I take my comprehensive HESI exam on Monday and I am as nervous as can be! Does anyone have any quick tips or hints to help me? I have to make an 850 to graduate. I already worked through the entire HESI review book and the Saunders book. Thanks!! :)
  5. Hello everyone, I need help formulating my top 3 priority nursing diagnoses for my pediatric care plan. My patient was a 5 week old baby who was born with gastroschisis & perforated intestine. The patient had it repaired within the first week of life but is still in the NICU due to feeding intolernace, etc. Currently they had her on TPN and IL because she was vomiting the tube feedings. She has an OG tube for bowel decompression. She also only weighs 7lbs, 7 ounces and is in the 2nd percentile for weight. This is what I have so far: (1) imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements related to....? (2) Delayed growth and development related to congenital anomaly as evidenced by 2nd weight percentile (3) Risk for infection related to perforated intestine and PICC line Do these sound good? What else could I do? Impaired skin integrity? Please help!! My instructor is pretty strict and if I do a good job on my first care plan I don't have to do any more. Thank you!!:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat
  6. TWUness1

    Texas Women's University

    I know that the Dallas campus got to rank their clinical sites but we didn't. I got put into Ben Taub's psych ward, it's been the most amazing journey being there and so far I've already had patients who were homeless, had AIDS and have had to react to numerous patient's attempting to escape from the unit. I've learned alot!!
  7. TWUness1

    Columbia or Yale??

    Hello, I am planning on applying to midwifery programs after graduating with my BSN and working for a little bit. My question for those who have already been accepted is what school you previously went to, what was your GPA, and what the application process was like? Good luck and congrats!! :)
  8. TWUness1

    Texas Women's University

    They didn't give us a book list at orientation but when you register and go to blackboard you can look under the "undergrads" section and it should have a book list. I just took the initative and emailed every single one of my teachers so that I could get my books early.
  9. TWUness1

    Texas Women's University

    Oh ok, well just remember you have to take it at TWU for it to transfer!!
  10. TWUness1

    Texas Women's University

    Where did you hear about the NCLEX book? If it is a teacher recommending a book I would get it. However, as J1's most of the testing information comes from the lectures and the text,...except concepts. The teacher for that class pulls questions from unknown sources,lol. I didn't buy the package I bought all my books from amazon and saved a TON of money. I would say that PDA's are helpful but I don't know anyone who has them at my level. Also, if you are taking patho. next semester I would recommend that you do NOT buy the book. I did and I haven't opened all semester and have been makung A's in the class. I would, however, advise getting the workbook.
  11. TWUness1

    Texas Women's University

    Hello nhoward, I am a J1 currently at the Houston campus. Boy, are you in for some fun :) The classes are demanding, challenging but rewarding. The clinicals are also a good experience, my clinical is at Ben Taub's psych ward!! As far as care plans go it all depends who your instructor is. My care plans have not been longer than 6 pages this semester, but I have friends who have had 40 pages of care plans. Any other questions?
  12. TWUness1

    Confused about the process...

    Hello! I am in my first semester in nursing school at TWU and eventually want to become a CNM. Is becoming a CNM a master's program or a seperate program? This is the list of schools that I have that offers CNM programs. Can anybody tell me anything about them? Is it a two year program? I guess I just need more information about becoming a CNM. University of Cali at SF Yale Georgetown University University of Illinos at Chicago University of Michigan Columbia University NYU Case Western Reserve University Oregon Health & Science University of Pennsylvania Marquette University Thanks!
  13. TWUness1

    Texas Women's University

    I have a question for everybody at TWU already. I will be starting in January and was wondering it was completely necessary to get a dual headed stethoscope, like a littman. I have tried ultrascopes out and I like them better. Thanks!
  14. TWUness1

    Texas Women's University

    Hello, I am also going to TWU for Spring '09 and a friend of mine who is already in the program told me to get ALL of the recommended books. She said that some people didn't and it got them into some big trouble on tests. Just wanted to pass that along... :)
  15. TWUness1

    A & B students!!!

    I am about to start nursing school in the spring and would like to get the advice of some students (preferably A :bowingpur) How do you go about studying? How many hours on average do you study a week? what kind of grades do you make? Please be very descriptive! I know everyone is different but your advice would be greatly appreciated so I can be prepared! Thanks :heartbeat
  16. TWUness1

    Accepted to TWU- advice and answers needed

    We didn't get a clinical preference packet. Which areas were listed? I hope I can connect with some people on here that are going to the Houston campus so I can form a study group!! Know of any?