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I am in my first semester in nursing school at TWU and eventually want to become a CNM. Is becoming a CNM a master's program or a seperate program?

This is the list of schools that I have that offers CNM programs. Can anybody tell me anything about them? Is it a two year program? I guess I just need more information about becoming a CNM.

University of Cali at SF


Georgetown University

University of Illinos at Chicago

University of Michigan

Columbia University


Case Western Reserve University

Oregon Health & Science

University of Pennsylvania

Marquette University



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Becoming a CNM almost always requires a master's degree. It is usually a 2 year program full time.

My suggestion would be to go to the American College of Nurse Midwives website at or and click on the tab that says "Become a Midwife." There is lots of great information there, including links to every school that offers midwifery education.

Good luck!



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Yes, becoming a CNM involves getting a master's degree. I am currently in the Frontier School of Midwifery & Family Nursing's Bridge program, which allows me, with an Associate's degree in nursing, to get my Master's and become a CNM in 3 years. It sort of "bridges" the Bachelor's degree. So, it's one year shorter, generally, which also means one less year of tuition!

Check out Frontier's web site, also. It's a wonderful, historical school and uses distance learning, so much of the program is done from home, including your clinicals, which can be done in your community.

Good Luck!!

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