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  1. RN2FNP

    Nursing student research paper on Nurse Practitioners

    One website you could look at is http://www.majordomo@merlin.wizards.net this is a website for nurse practitioner students. you may find something or someone interesting there.
  2. RN2FNP

    Non-nursing B.S. what's my move B.S.N or ADN??

    Reply to your BSN question. Whether you get a ADN or a BSN you will be in school for two years. The ADN takes two years, then you sit for the exam. With your previous B.S. degree, you qualify for an accelerated BSN degree program where you will be done in two years, then sit for the exam. If you are going to be in school for two years either way, go for the BSN. You will end up way ahead of the game, girl. If you choose to get a Master's degree in the future, which I did, you will be happy you got your BSN. Good luck.