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  1. SunnyAZ

    New grad pay

    Abrazo starts New Grads at $25.5 in the ICU with $2 weekend & $4 Night differential. :) Also, there were rumors that the new grad program paid new nurses like techs during the training period. This is not true.
  2. SunnyAZ

    ASU spring '09 start bsn program

    studentnurse777,I found out that I am #18 out of 20. I feel your pain!!! I think that it would have almost been better if I were just out right denied. Now, I have to go through the rest of the process.... Oh, and then try it again next Fall... SO NOT excited! Ha! See you there!
  3. SunnyAZ

    ASU spring '09 start bsn program

    I was placed on the alternate list. The cutoff was 5.583 and my advancement score was 5.533. I guess that I'll be reapplying for next time. If anyone else was placed on the alternate list, would you mind posting your score so maybe we can kind of gage how many people are ahead of us. Thanks! Congrats to all those who got in! Condolences to those who didn't.
  4. SunnyAZ

    ASU spring '09 start bsn program

    Hey everyone, I got this in my email this afternoon. Thank goodness! The advancement letters were mailed today, October 31st, so you should begin receiving them shortly. A total of 322 students qualified for the 100 spaces available. Because of the state budget situation, enrollment at Polytechnic campus was reduced from 80 to 40 students for the spring semester. Our placement for Downtown Phoenix campus remained at 60 students for a total placement of 100 students between both campuses. Good Luck!
  5. SunnyAZ

    ASU spring '09 start bsn program

    AZ Student Nurse, So, how do you like the program? Are you finding that ASU is completely incompetant with everything? I have talked to many people in other programs at ASU and they have dealt with so many issues (which usually stem from ASU being disorganized). I was hoping that it would be different for me because I thought that they had a good and established BSN program. However, I have had so many issues starting with advisors telling me conflicting information to the University having troubles accepting and recording my transcripts.... I swear, I am in my 20's and have almost had like 10 heart attacks! What is crazy is that I am extremely organized and have been on top of everything!
  6. SunnyAZ

    ASU spring '09 start bsn program

    This might be the reason that we do not have our letters yet: "ASU also plans to restrict nursing-school enrollment at its West and Polytechnic campuses to cut costs, instead directing new students to the downtown Phoenix campus. Overall nursing enrollment won't be cut, Renzulli said, and current students won't be affected." See: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2008/10/28/20081028asubudgetcuts1028.html

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