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  1. lucylucy5240


  2. lucylucy5240

    Palliative NP job offer

    Hi, I recently received a job offer with palliative inpateint team. Does anyone work in the field can offer some inside opinion?
  3. lucylucy5240

    Can ANP works as PMHNP?

    Thank you so much everyone! These information are so helpful. I am so glad I asked here. Previously I was told by other NPs that it is possible to get trained to be a PMHNP without schooling, now I see the legal aspects of it.
  4. lucylucy5240

    Can ANP works as PMHNP?

    Does anyone know if an ANP can work as a psychiatric NP outpatient with collaboration physician? I am in State of Virginia.
  5. lucylucy5240

    Medical billing and coding for NPs

    Thank you so much for the information! This reminds me that the long term care society also has something similar.
  6. lucylucy5240

    Medical billing and coding for NPs

    What setting do you work? What resources do you have? I think anything would help.
  7. lucylucy5240

    Hospice nurse practitioner salary

    That's good to know! Are you doing it PRN as well? What is a typical day like for palliative/hospice NP? How long does it take to chart per patient?
  8. lucylucy5240

    Hospice nurse practitioner salary

    I recently offered a PRN/part time hospice nurse practitioner job. They offered $50/hr for consultation calls and home assessment fee $200 per patient. Do you think this is fair for NPs with little under one year experience? I have no experience in hospice as a NP.
  9. lucylucy5240

    Medical billing and coding for NPs

    Thank you so much for all the information NRSKarenRN! I have seen some of the Carolyn's Youtube videos, they are really informative. Will check out her articles on Medscape too. Thanks for all the links!
  10. How much dose psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner makes at health safety net clinics such as community health centers, free clinics and charitable clinics?
  11. lucylucy5240

    Medical billing and coding for NPs

    Outpatient clinic and long term care facilities
  12. lucylucy5240

    Medical billing and coding for NPs

    Does anyone know any free or paid educational courses in medical billing/coding for NPs?
  13. I am consider applying jobs in pharmaceutical/medical device companies. Either as a direct sales person or as a educator or ?. Does anyone have any advice or information?
  14. lucylucy5240

    question regarding contract

    I am starting a part time job with a private practice seeing patient at the ALF. In the contract, he listed " During the term of his/her employment hereunder and for a one-year period after termination of his/her employment with Employer, the Employee shall not render medical services in any facilities or locations where Employer then-currently practices medicine or formerly practiced medicine in the six months preceding the date of Employee’s termination of employment." What does this mean?
  15. lucylucy5240

    What are the low stress nurse practitioner jobs

    FullGlass, Thank you so much for the great tips! I google jobs in sleep medicine, but there aren't many in my area that hiring a NP at the moment. I definitely will keep my eyes open for future job openings. It sounds like a great specialty to try!
  16. lucylucy5240

    Where do you practice as a NP?

    I am curious what specialty of NP are you all currently working in? I am currently working for a private practice seeing patients at a Nursing home/Rehab center. It's flexible and I can chart from home. The downside is you have to do a lot of care coordination (e.g. talking to families/MD, goals of care discussion, etc.) and sometimes it can be draining.

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