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Inputs are greatly appreciated. How to deal with a toxic work environment? 

- I worked at a hospital where coworkers appear to be nice and supportive at your face, however I realized lately they have been talking about me behind my back for a while. Anytime there is a disagreement between coworkers, it gets accelerated straight to the administration. I am talking about very tiny things which they could have discussed in person instead.

-The other thing is that they like to constantly reminding me that I am the "nurse" and they are the "doctor". 

- On top of this, there are certain computer stations in the hospital are "reserved" for specific doctors. One time I was told to leave this particular computer because this desk/computer is "his office". Granted it is actually the hospital computer and he didn't pay a penny for it. 

- At the beginning, I thought this is solely my experience. Over time, I have heard from other nurses/APPs with similar complaints. I even heard from a doctor who is emphasized with us that this place has a "bad culture". 

Have you guys ever in the similar situation? What is the best way to handle these situations?

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Overall, we are all on a team and sometimes members of that team can be difficult to work with. At the end of the day, make sure you are doing the best you can do for your patients, show respect to every member of your team, and go from there.

I have worked on units in which work culture has been a problem, and it is difficult to deal with. If you feel singled-out - I would speak with management. 

Hope this helps ? 

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