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  1. rak85

    Thought on Philosophy VA

    I currently work at Temple University hospital in icu, working for Temple for 6 years,now thinking of a VA icu job, any thoughts. I have 5 years icu experience and 8 years nursing experience . Is it worth leaving Temple . Totally confused, suggestions plz...
  2. rak85

    Philadelphia nursing home

    Hi there,have anybody ever worked in Philadelphia nursing home,hows the work condtion like,how much do they pay for graduate RN......Thanks..............
  3. rak85

    Retaking the NCLEX...any tips?

    Concentrate on pharm, try to understand the whole concept when u solve questions rather than concentrating on the number of questions u finished.Good luck.......
  4. Lucky one , Hope ur interview turns good for u,god bless........
  5. Am a new RN,got my license one month back,but still no job,not a single interview, i would work even in lion's den,if i got a chance to...............
  6. rak85

    Those who failed NCLEX RN in CA

    Hi there, it depends. I am staying in PA and first time when i failed it took almost 3 weeks to get my result by mail and in the second time i passed and my name was there in the BRN website on the 3rd day of my exam.:up:
  7. rak85

    new rn

    hi everybody, am a new RN,had my education from india now looking for jobs .I heard that once u start your carreer in some LTC facility its rather difficult to get hired in hospitals,is that true,since i dont have any experience its very difficult to get into a hospital.Any advice..... how much do they pay in LTC ,philadelphia area. Thanks
  8. rak85

    Trouble with getting a job

    hi guys, very sad to hear about all these,am foreign educated recently passed the rn exam,living in phila,i guess if u guys dont get a job,defenitely me neither.Took exams from CA board just applied to PA board for license and temporary permit.Anyway good luck to everybody.
  9. rak85

    I passed...............

    hey thanks ladysniper and jobimol, good luck for u ladysniper, i think the exam is not that difficult. IMO do the first 15 questions carefully then u will have more chances of passing, its just what i think.I had lot of pharmacology, newborn reflexex questions, 10 sata ,disaster triage questions, just concentrate on GI, endocrine, respiratory and cardiac system and drugs from these chapters. good luck. concentrate on each question,just dont think of anything else,take your break,do some breathing exercise to relax urself.just wishing u both good luck.
  10. rak85

    the secret to passing the nclex

    During exam read each and every question carefully and all the answers,If u are doing good answers are not that easy to pick quickly,so just concentrate on each question,just relax loosen ur muscles and stay focussed.Also i felt you must really have to do well in the first 15 questions.good luck
  11. rak85

    I passed...............

    hey melinurse i passed, i remember ur support before exam and thanks,hi hi .........am an RN....
  12. rak85

    lots of pharm questions

    hi i took exam recently and i pass, i also got lots and lots of pharm question but every drug was familier and it was there in the saunders review book.Best advice not to guess too much randomly. good luck.
  13. rak85

    I passed...............

    thanks everybody. umm for prepration i had saunders review 3rd edition text and lippincott Q&A 9th edition,did some questions from saunders cd,thats it.. Just concentrate, be through with ur review book, i suggest properly read saunders review book,latest is 4th edition.I didnt done any other review course.
  14. rak85

    I passed...............

    hey i got around 10 SATA questions, lots and lots of pharmacology, i think around 30% was pharmacology related, and most of them where prioritization type, didnt got any math questions.Actually i thought i might fail because i made some simple questions wrong like one pediatric reflex question two or three pharm questions, the rest were all priritization and i didnt remember anything.I also took 75 questions and took lot of time for that, i took around 3 hrs for it eventhough thats not a good strategy. Dont worry you guys will make through it.If i can do it defenitely u guys can because am foreign educated,never had seen such question in student period.good luck.:up:
  15. rak85

    I passed...............

    thanks silverdragon, thanks to all staff of allnurses website because this is really a wonderful site, this really supported me during my initial failure, when i see am not alone that gave some sort of confidence and to try hard to face the challenge. anyway i made it, thanks to god. katzenjammer dont worry ussually it takes 3-10 days to see the results,wil pray for u,good luck:):)