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  1. No Orientation for a Shift?

    after being out of LTC for 3 years , I decided to go back part time. During orientation, the LPN seemed I was a bothered , in the way, oh God another one for me to train, . She was rude towards me but in front of others fake nice. I will NOT be retu...
  2. Stand At Attention!!

    Nurses that have done milatry time are very strick. the mean well. If she was intentionaly trying to hurt you personally it will come back... I had one as a co -worker. boy was she tough. She I think will come back . oh boy. ...Alot of times I hat...
  3. I am so frustrated.

    :wink2:rethink for yourself.. if you can find another career. nursing is very demanding and non-rewarding, and the pay sucks. let the new grads jump in and get burnt out , meanwhile if you have to stay just let it go. do as little as possible within ...