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  1. miamiprincez305

    Emory's MSN Program

    so basically you're advising me to go to a cheaper school
  2. miamiprincez305

    Emory's MSN Program

    Hey I just graduated with my BSN in May and am working as an RN at a hospital until I figure out what my next move is. I'm considering pursuing A masters degree in women's health and Emory is my first choice school (Georgia State is second, i guess). I wanted to get your opinions on their program. I know Emory is a well known school and it has the added bonus of being in ATL which will allow me to be closer to my family, but it's really expensive. Is it really worth the price?
  3. miamiprincez305

    Took NCLEX this morning...

    I just paid the $8 to pearson vue and found out that I passed! The pvt really does work. Now Im just waiting on my name to be posted to the Ga BON and get my license in my hand.
  4. miamiprincez305

    Took NCLEX this morning...

    congrats!!! i should find out my results tomorrow. i heard georgis bon is really slow, so im just gonna pay the $8 and see what it says
  5. miamiprincez305

    Took NCLEX this morning...

    I got a lot of pharmacology, prioritization, and SATA questions on my examine. I finished in less than 85 questions. I dont know the exact number b/c once I passed 75 I didnt wanna et distracted/discouraged. For pharmacology, I advise you to learn the medication's intended use, what disorders it's used to treat, and SE. Hope this helps. :)
  6. miamiprincez305

    Took NCLEX this morning...

    I wish I could answer ur question, but honestly I didnt use any review books to study. I purchased the ncsbn 3 week tutorial and finished most of it before taking boards. I have a "if its meant to be, it will be" attitude towards life. I've heard that the lacharity prioritization book is really helpful. There were a ton of priority questions on my test, so I would suggest using that book in addition to w/e you're using now.
  7. miamiprincez305

    Took NCLEX this morning...

    I took the nclex-rn this morning and got the good pop-up. yay!!! but before i celebrate prematurely, has anyone ever received the good pop up and actually failed the test??? plz put my heart, mind, and soul at ease lol
  8. miamiprincez305

    nclex made incredibly easy

    hey, how do you guys feel about the springhouse nclex-rn questions and answers book? did anyone use this to study for nclex and pass?
  9. miamiprincez305

    nclex review

    has anyone ever tried the ncsbn's review for the nclex? what are your thoughts and feelings about it?
  10. miamiprincez305

    took boards & got the good pop up!!!! yay

    what is this "good pop up" everyone keeps referring to?