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  1. mucilage madge

    DCCC Fall 2009: Who is in?!

    I just got my acceptance letter on Wednesday the 17th. I am relieved, but also stressed...so much to do before fall of 2009.
  2. mucilage madge

    Best Florida city?

    Pensacola is a beautiful old historic city;the award-winning panhandle beaches are supposed to be some of the world's most beautiful beaches. The emerald green water and sugar white sands are lovely!! The city is laid back, very "southern". It does get chilly in the winter, it is cold during January and February-it has gotten down to below freezing, and you will have nights where it dips down to the teens. There are three major hospitals: West Florida Regional Medical Center- a for-profit hospital. Focused on rehabilitative and restorative care. Baptist Hospital-a non-profit hospital that has won many national awards for patient care. Sacred Heart Hospital- best hospital for pediatrics. This is the most "popular" hospital in the city. This is the hospital that pays the best. it also has a good benefits package. Also, if I had to have cardiac surgery, this would be my first choice for a hospital. Baptist and Sacred Heart are the two facilities that are the most popular choices for healthcare workers. I have not heard many positive comments about the Escambia County Health Department (Pensacola is in Escambia county). The cost of living is low, but the pay is VERY low-something you may want to keep in mind. The work ethic isn't as strong as it is up north,also. However, in Pensacola and the surrounding areas, you will actually meet people who are native to the area- rather unusual in Florida. Pensacola is also a military town, so there is also a nice influx of people from all over the country. It is only three hours away from New Orleans. Pensacola is quite different from south Florida. You will still see a lot of Confederate flags around, and the endless harping about how Southerners are so much more polite than Northerners can drive you crazy.It is also a conservative, "family values" kind of town. However, by and large it is a very gracious city. Where ever you choose, good luck with your move...the endless sunshine in Florida is wonderful.
  3. mucilage madge

    Has anyone attended Delgado Community College?

    Turtle and Cheri O, thank you so much for your reply! I am sorry I am late with my "thank you", but I have not visited Allnurses.com in ages. I really appreciate you info, but I have decided to move to a different part of the country. However, I wish you the best of luck with your nursing education. I have heard from three very trustworthy sources that Delgado has an excellent nursing program! Thank you again... mucilage madge
  4. mucilage madge

    OT: We Are Closing On A House

    Congratulations! How wonderful that you won't have a long commute, either. Good luck getting into the nursing program! mucilage madge
  5. mucilage madge

    Community College of Philadelphia?

    Thank you so much for your opinion, Bonjovigirl... I really appreciate it! I do live in Florida, I attended an LPN program from a school that was NOT accredited by the NLN. The program there was also disorganized. They had just changed it, and my class were the first to experience the changes, needless to say, it was a bit of a mess. Although I graduated and passed the PN- NCLEX, I have not worked as an LPN. Actually, I had a job at a LTC facility for about 8 weeks, but I quit because it was terribly run and I had the responsibilty of 54 patients. A truly scary experience. Where I live, the starting salary for a LPN is 11.00 an hour; an experienced LPN can make up to 17.00 an hour. There is a strong anti-union sentiment here. Where did you choose to attend school? The reason I am attracted to CCP was because it is located in Philly and it is accredited by the NLN. I want to move to Philly in about a year, but I realize I will have to wait for residency requirements in order to pay the lower resident tuition. However, your opinion has definitely given me pause. What schools would you recommend? Do you live in Philadelphia or New Jersey? I would definitely consider moving to New Jersey in addition to Philly. Well, you have definitely given me something to think about, Thank you! mucilage madge
  6. mucilage madge

    Community College of Philadelphia?

    Has anyone graduated, or known someone who has graduated, from the associate RN program at the Community College of Philadelphia? I would love to hear your opinion of the program. Thanks! Mucilage Madge
  7. Hello, I am currently living in NW Florida. I received my LPN diploma at a community college in the Florida panhandle. The program was NOT accredited by the NLN. I am very interested in getting my associates degree in nursing at Delgado Community College. I like the fact that it is accredited; I also noticed that Delgado's website states that the nursing program is ranked 8th in the nation for associate degrees- this is a definite plus! However, I am interested in any opinions of its program, particularly if you are a graduate. Thanks! Mucilage Madge