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Has anyone graduated, or known someone who has graduated, from the associate RN program at the Community College of Philadelphia? I would love to hear your opinion of the program.


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I was accepted to ccp's program after I had finished my sciences and psychs but decided not to go there. I do know a few people who have graduated from their program, but I have to say, there are other schools in the area, that are far easier to work with. CCP is a very disorganized school, and really doesn't care about anyone.

After spending a year doing the basics there, I wouldn't step foot in there again. Thats just my personal opinion. I do not know anyone personally who is in the nursing program now, but it is fairly easy to get into if you meet their requirements and apply early.

Are you relocating? I see you're from Florida? I can answer any questions you may have about the area and other schools if you have any....

Good luck

Thank you so much for your opinion, Bonjovigirl... I really appreciate it!

I do live in Florida, I attended an LPN program from a school that was NOT accredited by the NLN. The program there was also disorganized. They had just changed it, and my class were the first to experience the changes, needless to say, it was a bit of a mess. Although I graduated and passed the PN- NCLEX, I have not worked as an LPN. Actually, I had a job at a LTC facility for about 8 weeks, but I quit because it was terribly run and I had the responsibilty of 54 patients. A truly scary experience. Where I live, the starting salary for a LPN is 11.00 an hour; an experienced LPN can make up to 17.00 an hour. There is a strong anti-union sentiment here.

Where did you choose to attend school? The reason I am attracted to CCP was because it is located in Philly and it is accredited by the NLN. I want to move to Philly in about a year, but I realize I will have to wait for residency requirements in order to pay the lower resident tuition. However, your opinion has definitely given me pause. What schools would you recommend? Do you live in Philadelphia or New Jersey? I would definitely consider moving to New Jersey in addition to Philly.

Well, you have definitely given me something to think about, Thank you!

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I pm'ed you


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I am currently taking required courses for the nursing program at CCP.

I am wondering if there are curent or grad students of the program here.

If yes,

could you please tell what your impressions are of the program. Is a disorganised program as a previous old post in this forum suggets? Is it a good program?

How easy is it to get it. I am currently on a 4.0 GPA. What criterias do they look at?

do look at hospital exoerience? I don't have any.

Do there grads have a high rate of passing the boards? and getting good jobs?

The guy who took us A&P 1 didn't link the material with medical sitiuations. Would that affect my performance during the practicals. an example of this is the section of the endocrine system. he didn't teach us things like the effects of hypo and hypersecretion and how to reverse the effects. The A&P manual I used from another CC contained all these.



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As of today I am an officially a graduate of CCP's Nursing program. (Pinning was today). I would like to comment about the things I have read about the Nursing program. I would please ask if you have not officially attended the program please refrain from commenting on it. CCP overall yes is unorganized, but so are a lot of larger colleges, the Nursing department is not. The program is well run, has amazing staff, one of our current professors is the President of the NLN-National League of Nursing and is the first ever from a two-year college to hold the position. The pass rate for NCLEX for the class of 2005 was 88% on first try which is very good, above national and state average.

If you have any questions just pm me

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