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  1. As stated before the amount of involvement with other team members that takes care of the patient depends on the patient's condition and the needs of the family. The more complex the problems the more fellow clinicians that are involved in the care, ...
  2. VFONE

    Advice needed!

    It seems you have had a hard time since getting to the states. I would recommend you find out what is needed to get licensed here, find a hospital that will hire you in whatever capacity they feel they can to benefit you and give you some experience ...
  3. VFONE

    Age Discrimination

    I don't believe you'll find age discrimination in nursing as much as you do in the private sector. I have known as the prior individual of older indivduals who have obtained positions. What you may encounter is that you are not given a position unti...
  4. VFONE


    If you ask your redheaded patients who have had other deliveries almost all of them will tell you that they had trouble with excessive bleeding after delivery. Don't know the cause of it - its almost a given.