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mercyteapot has 20 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Dev. Disabilities, Health Disparities.

I also play in a band called "Twisted Syntax".

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  1. Any BSNs who went for an MPH?

    I got my MPH in 2007. If you're interested in epidemiology, I believe the MPH is more useful for your career than the MSN. Although my specialty is not epidemiology, none of my colleagues who specialize in it even have nursing degrees, so I don't b...
  2. Brian Short News

  3. When celebs stop by to say hi

    Maybe it's just more the vanity of the celebrities, honestly believing everyone knows (or cares) who they are?
  4. What if.....your Director has falsified his credentials?

    Honestly, I'd be amazed if he turns out to be unlicensed. I guess that it could happen, but HR departments tend to perform due diligence on these matters. I'd be much more inclined to believe there's a logical explanation.
  5. Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    In the book Interns, one of the doctors includes a story about a patient who named her twins Winston and Salem. Since the book is non-fiction, I assume that's a true story and not urban legend, but who knows. Weirdest name I've come across (and it's...
  6. NIMH abandoning DSM

    Sorry about that; I meant to link it the first time.
  7. NIMH abandoning DSM

    The article calls it a "seismic" move. I tend to agree. I never thought I'd see the day...
  8. Peer Evaluations- Venting

    I've never had one that was used in connection with detemining merit increases. I would be very upset if I did. Once, during an evaluation, my supervisor included a comment that there were staff members I didn't get along with; she was basing this ...
  9. Super Obese

    There are 2 different aspects of obesity being discussed here. The first is the one made by the OP, that super obesity is adding yet another challenge for nurses striving to deliver quality care. The second is the endless debate about the roots of ...
  10. Is there any truth to this?

    I think the basis for the claim probably goes back to childhood, when someone, their Mom or a teacher or maybe the school nurse, said that the "normal" temperature is 98.6. I know a lot of people who have heard blanket statements like that once in t...
  11. Super Obese

    It seems to me like every time a thread starts about the challenges of caring for obese patients- a perfectly legitimate nursing related topic- deteriorates into a sidebar debate about character flaws and moral weaknesses. We are all just huge tossed...
  12. Versent Residency requirements

    Do you think there could be age discrimination? Given your background, I am thinking you and I may be around the same age, and I must say that over the past couple of years, I have had a few instances where I just had a bad vibe about a situation. ...
  13. Im going to school for lpn. Is it worth it or not?

    OP, is the woman you spoke with from the school you're considering attending? If so, please consider that she has an incentive to paint a very rosy picture of the job experiences of graduates. Some LPNs make a bit more than $20, but I've not heard ...
  14. Need advice from nurses with an MPH or health dept nurses

    I am in San Diego County and I got my MPH in Los Angeles. Some of the places my local cohort-mates work are for the County Health aHuman Services Department (in an obesity prevention program, as part of a longitiduinal child development study and c...
  15. Need advice from nurses with an MPH or health dept nurses

    If it was me, I'd wait, just because of the expense. Good luck; I hope you got in to the program you want most and enjoy your career. I really have enjoyed mine (even though you'll also find posts by me kvetching about work!)