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  1. 2 year old injection

    I work in a home. The Synagis supplies are shipped by the company. I would have to reqest a 3ml syringe...don't know if it is possible. But that would help SO much. I was so worried that I would get a phone call today...don't know what would happen t...
  2. 2 year old injection

    :eek:I am concerned. I've only been a LPN for about 5 months. I work in home health and I take care of a 2 yr old boy. He is a JOY!!! I had to give him a Synagis injection (actually 2; one in both legs). The syringe is a 1ML. In the first injection I...
  3. Bad Experience as 1st time LPN

    I had a VERY similar experience. I work for a Pediatric Home Health Care agency. I worked 2 NIGHT shifts while the client slept..not a big deal, there. Then I worked 1 day shift. The child has a trach, and a g-tube "MICKEY BUTTON". He needed a ba...
  4. Stand At Attention!!

    The day started EARLY (at least it was early for a 19-year-old girl at the beginning of summer). My instructor was VERY strict. She had been a military nurse before becoming an instructor at the local junior college. All the students in her clinical ...