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Dr. office. Ortho Neuroscience and CTU n

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    "Leavin' on a jet plane"

    Best of luck!!!!!! Stay positive and focus:):):)
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    Officially freaking out now!

    Congrats!!! Best of luck:):):)
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    It's Official!!

    Congrats!!!!! so Happy for you:):):) Now need to celebrate:yeah:
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    I take the CPNE in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!

    Best of luck!!!!! stay positive. Tina is the best you will be fine:):):):)
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    third time i was a success

    It's happened to me too and guess what I passed my board. I have an RN :nurse:behind my name Congrats !!!!!!!!! stay postive:):):):)
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    With 265 questions I passed so relived!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thank you all:):):):) I would not do it without you!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thank You allnurses

    Congrats!!!!! Job well done:):):)
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    I passed cpne!!!!!!!

    I passed in Albany Medical Center 10/15/10 !!!!!!!!
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    Congrats!!!!!! :) Its feels good, I passed in 10/15 Albany, WOW:):):)
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    I passed cpne!!!!!!!

    Thanks to everyone of you. I feel like I have a very supportive extended family eventhough my whole family is back home in Morocco:):):)
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    I passed cpne!!!!!!!

    I took Tina Logan workshop!!!!!!! The site, the CE's and CA were wonderful. I stayed in Hilton Garden Inn I didn't need a shuttle B/C they are connected. good luck to you:):)
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    Guess who is a GN???!!!!

    Congrats:yeah:!!!!!!!!!! I am testing next week.
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    CPNE in Racine

    Specific tips... Well you have to know all the critical elements for all the AOC's and that includes Wound Management, Drainage Speci Collection & Irrigation. These 3 AOC's have been increasingly appearing in PCS's at all sites. If you are going in the next 4 months you will see a lot of Resp. Patients with flu and pneumonia. But I guess the most important tips I can give you are: Do not take the lab stations lightly practice them so you can do them mechanically, if not already doing this...start sending EC complete PCS's 3-5 times/ week of documentation for the planning phase and eval phase for theri critique...and they do it for free, and to gain the knowledge you need so you can be in control of your own CPNE Destiny. t-lo
  15. I have a date on 10/15. Any tips or encouragements appreciated:) Thanks
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    Anyone testing on 10/15 at Albany MC

    I am going to Tina Logan workshop on 9/14-9/16. I do have Rob and Ec DVD. We pray for each other. Good luck to you:):):)
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    York PA Please help!!!!!!!!!

    Anybody tested in York, PA. Please I need feedback b/c they have a cancellation for that site and I am afraid to take it. I read regularly here I never heard anybody or anyone talking about this site. Any advice or feedback is appreciated. Thanks:)
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    there is a New GN in town!

    Congrats!!!!! Good Job:)
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    Website for CPNE Workshop in Pennsylvania

    NEC workshop.com, I heard good things about her. I planning to go there in mid Sep. Let me know:)
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    Penn Foster vs. EC english 101

    Does EC accept Penn Foster ENG 101. The online EC is $945+Books vs. PF $339 incl materials and right now I am really broke; I can't afford EC class. Please help!!!! Thank you in advance:)
  21. I am so happy for you:) you deserve it!!!!!!!! Enjoy and Celebrate GN
  22. sunshineprn

    I DID IT!!!!!

  23. sunshineprn

    HDLS 3

    Good luck. My prayers and thoughts with you:)
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    Congratulations!!!!!!!! good job:)