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    Tag. YOU"RE it!

    azverte Thank you for your post! It is always good to be reminded of the potentials in our line of work. I hope to carry this with me and remember to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n for that extra minute or two when dealing with any kind of sharps etc. Keep up the good work!! lovewhatIdo :)
  2. Greetings There is a reason my post name is lovewhatIdo. It is because I work in L&D and would encourage anyone to give it a try if you are thinking of taking the plunge. Pro's are numerous-as previously mentioned-seing new life, the autonomy and ability to do quite a lot of intervention without having to check with the physician. In otherwords, we get to use our brains/experience in a way that I havent found on other units-(except ER-I haven't worked ICU) You have to be prepared for anything. (which, I like that aspect) You do antepartum, labor and delivery, c-sections, newborns, nursery and triage. You have to know alot! And it is not boring or routine. Each labor is different and the potential for problems are always there-but there is nothing better that knowing that the nursing work that you did helped save a baby and/or mother's life. And for the times that dispite all and you still lost someone.you can be such a great source of comfort and strength. It is usually a happy unit. Generally healthy young women. Con's-As mentioned, when it goes bad, it goes bad. Had a mom the other day that had an abruption and uterine rupture. We lost the baby. Mom is ok now, but can never have anymore kids. Those situations are tough. Or when You have a healthy mom through and amniotic emboli and die. But you face death in most units in hospital. You can see alot of dysfunction. It is amazing to me how we really don't have that many families that are intact, not drug addicted or some other major problem and that are stable loving and healthy. Of course, you can be very helpful in getting people plugged in to support/services etc, but it can be dishartening. And yes, the disrespect from others that don't know what all we do. But it's ok, WE know and there is such deep satisfaction in that and no one can't take that away or diminish it. Good luck in your search for place in nursing for now!! LovewhatIdo:)
  3. lovewhatIdo

    Thank You

    Greetings Fellow Nurses I thought I would just take a moment and tell you all how much I appreciate this website. It is well managed and an incredible source of information and support. I feel very lucky to have found this site as a resource. You all make me think, laugh, cry and be outraged. And you keep me informed. I especially appreciate reading from all of the different nursing specialties. I feel like I get a "sneak peak" into whole other worlds. So-thank you allnurse for the terrific job that you do. And thank you to all of you wonderful, dear people out there-making a differnce, one person at a time through your expertise. I salute you all. lovewhatIdo:)
  4. lovewhatIdo

    I need advice

    Scotty- Just one more nurse that is so happy that you took your hubby in. Scarry! Don't forget to take care of yourself in the middle of all of this. :)
  5. lovewhatIdo

    Let the controversy begin.

    Just a little different angle- In the L&D that I work, almost 50% of our births are DSHS. Most of these women and men are young and healthy. A small minority are immigrants and migrant workers. But most are not. I have to admit, it "tips" me a little when I see these young healthy people having there kids "on the state". Especiall repetedly. I try to keep open minded and remeber there are all kinds of circumstances-but it is very frustrating. Why are these young people not working??? We are also a border state and have people from across the border come over, have their babies on the state, and they do it so their kids can have dual citazinship (sic). It is hard sometimes not to get cynical or resentful. I don't buy into the fact that it (system abuse) is a symptom of a deeper illness as posted earlier. Yes some people are down on their luck, etc. But there is alot of, "I don't want to, and I don't have to" There seems to be a prevailing attitude of, "the world owes me". I don't think so. Anyway,my two cents:)
  6. lovewhatIdo

    Stupid med error

    Barbpick You are right-Religion has nothing to do with the human tendancy to make errors (in this case, a med error). That bieng said, I wonder if nurse4god was sharing about her bieng a Christian from the standpoint of, "this is who I am, and this is where my value/belief system is rooted as a part of helping to explain where she was coming from in dealing with the med error entirely. For her, on a emotional, mental, spiritual, and ethical realm. Nurse4god had wrote about other nurses in her facility that copied the previous nurses notes. Then she stated she couldn't do it (her value system). And no, I am not suggesting that only Christians have value systems-everyone does. Sometimes, I find it easier and practical to talk with a female when I am dealing with "female" issues, or a parent who has been through parenting experiences when I need help with those things. I wonder if nurse4 god was trying to get a more "rounded" experience by sharing the fact that she was not only a nurse, but a christian and to get imput, not only from nurses, but from christian nurses too. Just like I could talk to anyone who knows or works with kids about parenting, but it is different when I talk to people who are parents themselves. Peace LovewhatIdo
  7. Greetings- I was wondering if someone could tell me about endoscopy nursing-what do you do? Do you enjoy it? Why? What are your greatest challenges and greatest joys about your work? Do you see yourself doing this role for many years? I appreciate any responce. :) lovewhatIdo
  8. lovewhatIdo

    question about c-section recovery

    Greetings All, My LDRP unit is starting to train the RN's to recover moms immediately post c-section instead of sending them to PACU. My question to L&D nurses who do recoveries-were you required to take ACLS or an EKG course? Hospitals in our area do not require their nurses to do so. Yet, in talking with the nurses in PACU, they said, "if your monitoring, you are responcible to respond if an arrhythmia occurs" (although the chances are slim in that most moms get epidurals or intrathecals) Whats your experience/protocal? Where would I find out guidelines? Your help/expertise is appreciated lovewhatIdo :)