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Cmatt13 has 15 years experience as a BSN, MSN and specializes in Research, HIV, Surgical, ER, Primary Care.

Just an ordinary nurse working in an extraordinary environment. Patients first, always.

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  1. Cmatt13

    Job Listings with I / II / III after Job Titles

    RN I is a new grad. RN II has a few years and usually a BSN and a RN III is both a BSN as well as a preceptor/resource/active in committees/volunteer--extensive experience. It's *usually* (in my experience) a designation by hospitals that are either Magnet, or on a "Magnet Journey", the RN III has a portfolio, works on committees, is heavily involved in organizational nursing things at the facility. I've noticed that too in job listings, but I rarely see beyond "RN II". The distinction, I think, is mainly experience. If you're a new grad, they won't hire you to an RN II position, I reckon.
  2. Cmatt13

    Prescribing Medical Marijuana

    Agreed! I often advocate for people to at least do some research for themselves before deciding that the "Devil's Weed" is some sort of evil entity that exists to erode the morals of this "great country", particularly if they ask me their opinion. I've done so as a bedside nurse, as well as in my role as a primary care provider. Clearly there are some situations in which I won't suggest it, but by letting common sense guide the conversation (and knowing a little of the history and effects of weed), that can be managed. One of the only reasons it's still federally illegal is because of some BS back in the earlier part of last century that involved Mexicans and African Americans, and then again when Reagan started waging War on Drugs, which (unsurprisingly) affected minorities in greater numbers. What a crock. Don't believe anything the government tells you...they aren't always right or looking out for the people's best interest. Think and investigate for yourself. That's the only way we grow and learn.
  3. Cmatt13

    MedPAC Wants to End 'Incident-to' Billing by APRNs, PAs

    Well, we all know the AMA has the money to squash any opinions that are logical and money saving for patients (and the government).
  4. Cmatt13

    Moving to California, Need Advice

    Thanks--for the record, my degrees are from here in the states. Just out of curiosity, since I can't seem to find the answer anywhere else, do you happen to know which information I should include on my forms for the BON? It says put down your nursing school, but do I need to put both my BSN and my ADN schools down??
  5. Cmatt13

    CA RN license via endorsement

    Yeah...no on the fingerprinting front, which I find kind of irritating since I had to have my prints run through the DOJ and Interpol to get my spouse visa to live here to begin with!! They're pretty useless here. I've emailed the California BON, though. I'm sure I'll have about as much luck with them as I am having via the state of Illinois (ugh). All I wanted was to cut my wait time down a bit so I can start applying when I get out there!
  6. Cmatt13

    CA RN license via endorsement

    Also, I'm wondering on my application if I need to send in both my BSN qualifications as well as my ADN information--there's only room for one on the form. I'm assuming they want the information from where I got my RN initially. It's all so confusing.
  7. Cmatt13

    CA RN license via endorsement

    No no no...sorry for being unclear, I'm from the states--licensed in Illinois. I live here with my partner and we're moving to California. I have my BSN, my SSN, my RN etc etc. I'm really just wondering about timing of my prints relative to my application packet. As an interesting/annoying aside, I was unable to work here--I just this month finished my BSN completion courses and the UK doesn't recognize an associates degree!
  8. Cmatt13

    Past DUI and CA license

    I would look into getting it expunged from your record. Usually there's a statute of limitations as to how long something like that stays with you. Speak to a lawyer--I have a friend who had his DUI expunged from his record--it cost him, but it's not there anymore. It had been around 7 years since he got it.
  9. Cmatt13

    CA RN license via endorsement

    So I'm in the UK but licensed in Illinois (long story). I'm applying for endorsement. I already sent the paperwork in to IL for endorsement, but was going to bring the rest of the paperwork in to Sacramento to do it in person because I thought it might be faster. However, I won't have my fingerprints done til the first week of June when I get to LA. Will they just hold my file until then? I can't seem to find the answer to that burning question...frustrating to try to get things done from so far away...
  10. Cmatt13

    Moving to California, Need Advice

    Thanks everyone! I thought I might be ok, but it's kind of overwhelming to move cross-country, much less overseas *and* cross country...guess I just keep freaking myself out because of the seeming enormity of the task!
  11. Cmatt13

    IVs on baby-Am I too sensitive?

    I worked in a peds ER as a tech for a long time before I became a nurse, now I work in an all purpose ER and I get stuck with the dehydrated babies all the time! I agree with all of those who say warm packs are the way to go, and if you can get it approved on your unit, EMLA cream is very useful but must be applied prior to the IV start. On kids who were super-duper dehydrated, I've seen them put in an I/O (equally as horrible to watch, but somehow ends up being quicker). The peds docs (and nurses) always told me no baby ever cried himself or herself to death--which is hard to remember when the kid is screaming in your ear during the 5th attempt and the parents are breathing down your neck. If it's any consolation, I've seen kids scream themselves hoarse/asleep just from being restrained during an IV start--no needles even involved.
  12. So... I'm a nurse who is licensed in Illinois, currently living in the UK, and moving to central California in June. While here in the UK, I've been unable to work because of the difference in degrees--I'm just now (this week!) finishing my BSN completion. I've been off since last September. I have 8 years of nursing experience and about 12 years of experience as a medic and ED/ICU care tech prior to that. I keep reading all of these posts about how horrible the nursing job market is in California and I'm wondering if anyone there would venture to guess how long I'll be looking for a job? I'm heading out there a month or two before my move to sort out my license (Illinois is notoriously slow about endorsing and it seems like California might be equally as frustrating) and look at some hospitals. Any suggestions to make my application shine? I have all the usual ED certifications, and they're current (ACLS, PALS). I'm hoping that the situation is better for someone with experience than for someone who is just out of school, but I also haven't worked since last fall (as a nurse), so I'm a little nervous about it...
  13. Cmatt13

    Transferring RN License from IL

    Where did you send your form? I can't even find that on the IDPR website--it's so disorganized!! I'm trying to apply in California.
  14. Cmatt13

    Wishing to work in California, from another state

    Hello, This thread is quite old--the last entry was in 2010. I'm going to be applying for my CA license (I'm currently licensed in IL). I'm also applying right after my BSN completion--I'm an ADN now. My question is this--is the initial information on the "sticky" still accurate? Also, do you happen to know if I need to submit transcripts from both my ADN program as well as my BSN program? And do I have to submit an official copy of my NCLEX results?? Thanks for your time!
  15. Cmatt13

    Why is unionization a subject of taboo??

    I've often wondered the same thing. You know, we're the largest group of employed professionals IN THE COUNTRY. If all 2.6 million of us (as of 2009) worked as one entity, and came together into collective bargaining (in one form or another) we could move mountains. Unions are like the bogeyman, though. Much of it is disinformation rather than people actually investigating it themselves, and some of it is cultural. I know many nurses who have moved to the states from other countries that don't see the point, and feel that to challenge the basis on which they have emigrated to the US, ie nursing jobs, may cause them trouble in more areas of their lives than just employment. Fair enough, but until we all band together, we will be but 2.6 million individuals. And it's much easier to control the masses if they aren't all on the same page.
  16. Cmatt13

    Bad Decision -- Huge Amount of Debt, Need Advice

    Hahaha...not to laugh at your situation, but I'll be about $100,000 in debt when all is said and done--just finishing up my BSN now and then moving on to my masters. School is expensive, full stop, especially here in the states where we demand higher education but don't provide reasonable resources to pay for it!! My advice? Keep taking classes part time while working, defer your loans, get your masters and then work in an underserved area/facility and get involved in the NHSC (National Health Service Corps) where you will not only received debt forgiveness, but you will also be giving back and providing care to those who are most vulnerable and in need. Or move back with your parents. I guess I'm biased because at the age of 41, I could never, ever, ever, ever do that. I'd rather be in debt. Good luck!