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  1. Can a Social Worker supervise an LPN?

    They sign up patients to enroll them in a care management program
  2. An LPN was hired as an outreach specialist being supervised by Social workers.
  3. Shout Out for Nurses working in the Hurricane

    350000 without power in CT and the main part of the storm is not here yet!!
  4. I will review 5 RN resumes today

    I am interested too maybe next time you are free. I need help badly because I have sent out 70 applications but still nothing I'm starting to think my resume may be to blame. TIA
  5. MA endorsement

  6. MA endorsement

    I was wondering how long it would take me to get a MA RN licence by endorsement. I'm in CT. Also is it possible to go and apply in person and get a temp permit the same day? TIA
  7. LPN desperately looking for a job IN CT

    Do they hire RNs, I am a new grad RN with childcare experience non nursing and am desperately tring to get a job.
  8. I need some advice

    Thank you
  9. I need some advice

    Thanks. Both RN jobs pay more than my nanny job by themselves. I am actually away from home with the nanny job because I stay there for 3 days. Both RN jobs I would be communiting I don't have to stay overnight.
  10. I need some advice

    I just recently graduated and have been working as a nanny. I just recently got a seasonal offer doing flu shots and another full time seasonal camp position. They both start in September. If I do the camp one it would be full time and I would have t...
  11. PVT worked for me licence on my BON yay!!!

    Each state is different good luck
  12. PVT worked for me licence on my BON yay!!!

    I wrote on Monday so a couple of days
  13. licence on my BON yay!!! Thanks allnurses!!
  14. PVT Good pop up!!!!!!!!!!!

    Instructions are here in red Good Luck
  15. PVT Good pop up!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kaplan 2011-2012 book, Exam Cram, Saunders, definately need Lacharity. I used the Feuer Nursing Review CDs for content. I was not able to do tons of practice questions because I work so I was nervous about that but I think knowing your content helps ...