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  1. gluck

    CRNA profession saturation and new graduate CRNA?

    Or it may just be a lull due to the economy. In my area of the northeast, hospitals stopped hiring across the board despite vacancies. I expect that they will start hiring nurses as the economy improves and elective surgeries resume. The same may be true for CRNA's. But I don't claim to have my finger on the pulse of the job market.
  2. gluck

    random question.. how do you deal with the cold?

    Don't through out the wives tales so fast. A 2005 study showed people were more susceptible to cold symptoms when their feet were cold. The thinking is that in the cold, peripheral circulation clamps down including to the nose making it harder for the nasal passages to fend off the ubiquitous cold virus. Several aspects of the immune system are under study regarding their function in the cold. http://fampra.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/full/22/6/608 What causes a staph infection ... is it the wound or the bug?
  3. gluck

    Anyone else going to the USAGPAN in 2011?

    Sorry, it's been a long time since I took the exam and I gave away all the books. The Princeton Review series has certainly been at it a long time and would be a good place to start. I also remember one that had a CD with vocabulary drills that I Liked. Spend an hour or so browsing a book store and get anything that looks helpful to you.
  4. gluck

    Anyone else going to the USAGPAN in 2011?

    Number 1 is memorizing GRE vocabulary found in study guides. You can use the study books to practice analogies and such, but first and foremost you need to know the meaning of the words they use (and they use the same silver dollar words again and again)
  5. gluck

    CRNA Hearing Requirements?

    The civilian programs that I looked at had basic medical questionnaires to be completed by a physician asserting general health and no known physical limitations. No specific tests were required. So if you can get by in an interview without it being noticed ... Hearing acuity is essential for much more than just the earpieces. Obviously, you need to hear other members of team without seeing their mouths and faces. Also, Every device you use in your practice will have it's own set of beeps, buzzers, and tweets to alert you to both normal and abnormal conditions. Your patient's life will depend on your ability to locate and distinguish those sounds and respond appropriately. It sounds like your limitation is minimal and we are all going to have some degree of high frequency loss--keep the volume down on your ipods girls and boys
  6. gluck

    Expectations of vent knowledge for applicants?

    It sounds to me like you have enough basic knowledge to get through the interview well. Do you understand the vent material covered on the CCRN? If they ask a question that you don't know the answer to, don't try to bluff, instead, tell them what you would do: consult with the RT and/or look it up. Once you are in a program, they are going to teach you the vent from scratch.
  7. gluck

    Please help! CRNA school for Post-Master student

    Lots of schools may waive the requirement if you already have a masters degree or they may accept old (and therefore unofficial) GRE scores. You have to ask. I too wouldn't want to take the exam if I didn't have to. It's expensive and time consuming because you need to study.
  8. gluck

    CRNA Board Pass Rates?

    the small programs can also have their pass rates skewed by just one or two misses. so you might need to overlook a "bad" year or two. i do wish pass rates were published though
  9. gluck

    CRNA profession saturation and new graduate CRNA?

    This thread has me wondering how important the choice of school will be in finding a work. Actually, I probably already know what my first job will be, but what about down the road ... if I'm from a lesser ranked school, is that going to reflect badly?
  10. gluck

    Can you still become a CRNA if you get an ADN first?

    My understanding is that you have to be a nurse and have a bachelor's degree, but the bachelor's doesn't have to be in nursing. So you could have an ADN and a Bachelor's in some other (preferably scientific) field.
  11. gluck

    Is there any CRNA schools that did not fill seats

    And people can except positions and then decline them at the last minute because they got a better offer. Then the school is left scrambling to fill a seat and it may be too late. Clearly this happens often enough and forces schools to require a deposit.
  12. gluck

    Which is better CCU or SICU for CRNA?

    CCU experience would be good, but after getting some, you may have to transfer to a level 1 before getting accepted-I've read posters on this site who had to do just that- or if the rest of your application is strong, the committee may not care-the only way to really know is to apply
  13. gluck

    Pass CCRN!! What scores were you getting?

    ha ha, me too, I did lousy on the synergy questions, think i got only 80% of them
  14. gluck

    Which is better CCU or SICU for CRNA?

    Size may not matter, but I do think committees are looking for level 1 facilities
  15. gluck

    What to do next...

    With your GRE scores, I bet you will get an interview everywhere you apply, and the ccrn will not only look good, but the studying may help with the interview. I wouldn't bother taking any classes other than those required to fulfill prereq's
  16. gluck

    crna market saturation

    Related question: is pay (adjusted for cost of living) better in certain areas, urban v rural, region of country, what have you ...?