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  1. libra32547

    Failure to Inform Patients of Abnormal Test Results

    Wow, I can believe this is some aspect. I having been on the other end of this, I worked as a lab tech for the last 5 years. The person who runs and reports all the lab results. Where I work, we of course have a policy of reporting critical results. This is the general flow of it for INPATIENTS. If I have a critical potassium of 2.8 that I (as the lab tech) have 30 minutes to call it to the CHARGE NURSE of that floor. The charge nurse has to actually go into the computer, annotate that she has received it, then her clock starts ticking, she has I think 30 minutes to call it to the MD and annotate it in the computer. Of course, this system hasn't always been what we have done, but after all the tweaking and working the bugs out of old systems, this has worked the best according to all those fancy and colorful PI charts supervisors make. And it is documented from start to finish who resulted the lab, what time, who called, who received it...ect. Now for outpatiens, we call the doctors office, and give it to whoever will take it...secretary, ma, cma...whoever. After that we (at the lab) can't track it because, all our computer systems arent linked together, but we do record in our computer who we gave it to. Now, if it's after hours, that is a different story because we have to call the MD on call for that practice and give it directly to him. As far as a MD not telling a patient about cancer, or other pathology type specimens...thats crazy. I know our pathologist's call all positive cancer biopsies to the actual MD and that get's put in the computer, what MD they notified and what time. These days, its all about CYA (Cover Your A**) and documentation. Even from a lab perspective.
  2. libra32547

    BSN...what for?

    I took this directly off the SC BON website. It was under the board minutes from March 2009, under "10 Year Transition Plan for ADN to BSN" It will be interesting to see how this progresses. I have heard that this idea has been going on for awhile, and that every few years people get ramped up again about the whole ADN vs BSN thing. I also hear a "rumor" that in SC, they are trying to do away with LPN's in the hosptital setting by no longer hiring new ones, and encouraging the current employees to go back for RN. Don't know how true that is, have never found anything on BON minutes. It may just be a hospital prefrence. Oh below is what I took directly from the SC BON minutes. "This issue was taken up in response to research by Linda Aiken which concluded that more education equates to safer practice. The worldwide education standard is moving toward baccalaureate in science (BSN) degree for nursing. The question is how to move toward that standard. Currently, two thirds of the United States nurses are associate degree prepared (ADN) nurses. One option would require ADN prepared nurses obtain their BSN degree within ten years of licensure. The question arose as to what happens at the end of the ten years if the nurse has not obtained the BSN. Discussion included but was not limited to: raising general education courses in ADN programs to a level that would easily transfer to BSN, Colleagues in Caring articulation model, employer requirement for BSN nurses, employers giving incentives to obtain a higher level education, encouraging students entering into ADN programs to use it as a step toward their BSN, and counseling students in future education goals."
  3. libra32547

    Did you go to Trident Technical College?

    I graduate the ADN program in Dec of this year. The way the classes are set up, you can't do it faster then two years unless you do that new accelerated program, and I think it only starts in the summer. I got in a year early through the merit admission. Which was good! It will go by faster then you think, I can't believe I only have 2 nursing classes left! Good Luck to you! And remember each class in only a half of a semester so even though it seems like you will never make it through that particular class or instructor, you will have a new one in 7 weeks!