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  1. Hi, did you happen to find success with a utilization review position? I have a similar background, looking to transition.

  2. markmarkmrk

    Utilization Review/Hemodialysis Nurse

    Hi, ive been a hemodialysis nurse in a standalone clinic for 5 years and was wondering if I can work as a utilization review nurse? Ive only had about 10 mos of hospital experience and would my experience in hemodialysis clinics be useful as a UR nurse? Thanks
  3. markmarkmrk

    CGFNS Esaved IELTS

    Guys i have a question. right now i am processing my visa screen and all files are currently in transit. However, i still need to process Cert Prog if I want to endorse my license from NMi to TN. Also, my ielts will expire on august 2019. if i process VS, and possibly use esaved (or not if possible) Can the ielts pass result be transferred to the CP order in Cgfns? Or would they process the VS, and i would have to take the ielts for the CP? Also, is it possible to have 2 pending orders? (If ever ielts pass result wont appear in CP if previously submitted for VS)
  4. markmarkmrk

    menstruation and dialysis

    What is your clinics protocol if a patient has menstruation period and is on a regular dose of heparin? Should we decrease it to a half dose and do flushing of 100cc every 30_ mins?
  5. markmarkmrk

    IV Iron

    In our clinic, the protocol is to dilute 150cc of PNSS to a 5ml IV Iron (Sucrofer or Venofer). But there's one patient that is experiencing headache and chest heaviness whenever we give the Iron on her last hour of dialysis. So yesterday one nurse decided to give it 2 hours before her dialysis session ends and dilute the 5ml of Iron to a 200cc of PNSS. But other nurses told me that it's too diluted. I wanna know, why is it supposed to be given on a 150cc of PNSS? And why last hour not 2hours before her session ends?