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    In need of some advice

    Hi guys, Im a recent new grad and have been workin for a snf since December. I got the morning charge nurse position and was sooooo excited about it. Beautiful facility, full-time, great Benefits, good pay, every other weekend off....what more could i want right? Well, ive been super stressed out and i thought that it would get better but i feel like its just getting worse! Its just me and my treatment nurse for the shift! Im dealing with 48 residents, passing all of their am and afternooon meds, prns, labs, doctors, any incidents, im in charge of all the CNAs, answering the never ending phone calls...i can go on and on. im supposed to get off @ 3:30 and NEVER leave on time. I love my resident and the people i work with but i feel like my quality of life is just not there:( Im only 24 and i dont want to admit it but part of me feels i bit off more than i can chew. Im going to be relocating and so i started applying to places. i didnt think they would respond to my resume so fast. i have an interview w/ a home health agency and a couple of other have emailed me. Im not sure if I should stay and be unhappy or leave. I just dont want to regret leaving if i do...im sooo lost! The new job pays the same and if i work 40 hrs i get benefits too. Im not too familiar about home health. if you guys could give any advice i would greatly appreciate it:)