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In need of some advice

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Hi guys,

Im a recent new grad and have been workin for a snf since December. I got the morning charge nurse position and was sooooo excited about it. Beautiful facility, full-time, great Benefits, good pay, every other weekend off....what more could i want right? Well, ive been super stressed out and i thought that it would get better but i feel like its just getting worse! Its just me and my treatment nurse for the shift! Im dealing with 48 residents, passing all of their am and afternooon meds, prns, labs, doctors, any incidents, im in charge of all the CNAs, answering the never ending phone calls...i can go on and on. im supposed to get off @ 3:30 and NEVER leave on time. I love my resident and the people i work with but i feel like my quality of life is just not there:( Im only 24 and i dont want to admit it but part of me feels i bit off more than i can chew.

Im going to be relocating and so i started applying to places. i didnt think they would respond to my resume so fast. i have an interview w/ a home health agency and a couple of other have emailed me. Im not sure if I should stay and be unhappy or leave. I just dont want to regret leaving if i do...im sooo lost! The new job pays the same and if i work 40 hrs i get benefits too. Im not too familiar about home health. if you guys could give any advice i would greatly appreciate it:)

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I was just talking to another nurse today about how stressful our jobs can be. Even as an older person I was not prepared for the stress and physical endurance I would need. While I love my job and get paid very well it is hard, every day hard. I work 12s, only get a couple of quick bathroom breaks and always have to wolf down a sandwich bent over the nurses station desk while reading orders etc. Just be prepared that most fields of nursing are hard work and stressful. It does sound like you are in over your head as a new grad and I hope you can make some adjustments. Please keep us posted. Good luck.


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My only advice would be dont burn your bridges...that way after you have explored other options you can possibly go back if the grass is'nt greener.good luck


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I agree with Tammy07-if you decide to go to another job, be professional, give whatever notice is required by your job(check the requirements) and when they ask you why you're leaving, TELL THEM. they may offer you more money or agree to get another nurse on the floor. If they don't-you have a better job to go to. If you handle it professionally you can always get hired back. GOOD LUCK!


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I was put in charge of 2nd shift a little over a year ago ...so I was 25. On 2nd we have 3 nurses, usually 4 to 6 aides, 80 pts divided on 4 halls...one hall of which is total rehab so there are multiple admissions on that hall all the time....revolving door if you will. I wasn't given a chance to refuse a charge position...I was made to do it....my boss said that I had been there the longest and knew more of the regs than my coworkers...who have been nurses longer than Ive been alive mind you and know the ropes as well if not better than me. ...and she said I was the strongest of the nurses and so ...I had to be the "GO TO" person. That BS lasted about a month for me and I said...No No NO.....I will not be responsible for all the aides and 2 other nurses PLUS the entire facility ....it wasnt gonna happen b/c I was too stressed out....Just b/c I had charge on the board by my name ...the other nurses (mainly the older ones) assumed that I had to call the MD about THEIR pts, their labs, do their labs if needed, chart for them, write out tx's if anything came up like a s/t or whatever, do their incident reports if they had one to do, plus.....I have 30 pts of my own to pass meds to, chart on, do skin sweeps on, txs, and admissions....which they also expected me to do by myself for them. When I plead my case to the boss..she agreed with me and told me that even though I am "charge"....all 3 nurses are actually in charge of our own assignments and our own aides and our own pts. Mainly my place is to jump in should we have an emergency or something like that. Since then, I have not done everyone elses work in addition to my own and have been less stressed on the job than before. I totally respect older nurses but in all fairness just b/c you've been a nurse x 20 yrs doesnt mean you can come in and expect someone else to just jump in there and do your work for you b/c of your age.....I am all for teamwork....when its a team effort and not 1 person doing it all. As for the aides...the ones who work under me the majority of the time....do better than the aides that work under the other nurses b/c they dont say anything to the aides about what they shouldnt do...I tell mine to stay out from behind the desk, dont be on cell phones, go get call lights, take snacks out, get the vs you're assigned, dont leave rooms messy, dont leave the pts messy...and man...its paid off...they know what I dont wanna see when I come in to work and7 out of 10 x...I dont see anything. so thats a good deal for me!

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