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  1. Trinago04

    Strange things people present to the ER with....

    Someone came to our ER in Cincinnati Ohio and said he Accidently cut his arm when his arm Accidently went threw a car window.....Couldn't he just say he was breaking into the car
  2. Trinago04

    How to pass Nclex?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to pass the nclex... This will be my 6th time... I have taken several classes but none has seemed to work..... Thank you
  3. Trinago04

    HELP! Have Failed Boards 5 times!

    HI I have failed boards 5 times.. and I do not know what to do I have gotten over 200 questions each time and 265 ( all the questions) several times... I have taken a Hesi class, Kaplan class, a Mark Klimick Class ( he used to write questions for the boards) have done nclex 3500 and have been put on antianxiety meds..... Is there something I am missing Any pointers Thank YOU!