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    I'm Leaving You Here

    I to have worked in LTC where I have had to say goodbye to many patients who have been placed on Hospice to die. Early in my career, like you, I had a hard time wandering why we had to give up on the patients I loved like my family. I had grown up in the foster care system. These people became me family. Now, I have my 52yo foster brother who has just recently died who was placed on hospice because he lost his battle with Kidney CA. I am glad I have grown some to understand that hospice is not just giving up but helping with the transition that we all must eventually make. I love my brother, but, you know what, God loves him more. He will take great care of him in heaven. At his funeral the following song was sung. "If You Could See Me Now!" Our prayers have all been answered, I've finally arrived, The healing that had been delayed has now been realized, No one's in a hurry, We're all enjoying Jesus, just sitting at his feet If you could see me now, I'm standing tall and strong, If you could see me now, my pain has been erased, If you could see me now, you wouldn't want me to ever leave this place If you could see me now, there's a smile upon my face. If you could only see me now! I know I will see him again. So long big bro... For now! :redbeathe
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    Nurses and the 2008 election

    Obama the answer. He is a politician who promises everything. Please!!!