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Born in the Caribbean, now living in New York and going to do my A.S degree to be an RN

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  1. Caribbeanfem

    training for foreigners?

    Hello all, I am presently residing in the USA, but want to relocate to the UK to attend school. I was told that most of the colleges/universities are not accepting applications from international students, unless you have been living in the UK for three years. And if they do accept you, it's no gaurantee you will find work. Is that true? My sis came to the UK 4 years ago to do nursing, and the school paid for her, she stayed in a dorm, and they gave her a stipend. Do they still do that? And if so what schools? I was encourage to sudy business. Why leave the business capital of the world (USA) to go to the UK to study? Any help will be appreciated. :)
  2. Caribbeanfem

    Paying Fee to become a CNA

    $650? mmmmmm cheap to me. Here in NY (Brooklyn) the cost is like $1395 for a 4 week day program. So if anyone in NY want to let me know of a CC that offer it cheaper, I will gladly love to know :)
  3. Caribbeanfem


    Hello there Hope everyone is in good spirits. I'm loking to get into Nursing because 1)I want a career and not just a job, and 3) the money is good :chuckle , but I also love computers and very good at it. I was told that I can combine them both by studying Informatics. Are there any nurses who studied or are studying the topic? And if so how is. I am also going to look it up on the web. Thanks in advance for the replies
  4. Caribbeanfem

    Moving to the UK

    Thanks Bethann. I would look up the organization online.
  5. Caribbeanfem

    Moving to the UK

    Thanks to all who replyed to my question. I truly appreciate it :) My sister (who live there) told me that I should come up there and apply to schools while I'm there instead of applying for a student visa from outside. How accurate is she?
  6. Caribbeanfem

    Moving to the UK

    Hello: I'm not trying to avoid London. Anywhere I can go to school and get some financial help will be greatly appreciated. I went through the UCAS website and went through the schools listed there, and picked the ones I though that looked like a place I would like to study. Oxford Brookes I like because it was the only one listed Nursing with ER or OR as a concentration, and those are the fields of Nursing i'm looking to go into. Any additional info you would like to send me will be very thankful. Antoinette :)
  7. Caribbeanfem

    Moving to the UK

    Hello all: How is everyone? Hope in good spirits. I have 2 questions that I would love to post and hopefully answered. 1) I am a caribbean citizen residing in the US, and want to come to the UK to do my schooling for nursing (i chose there because my sis and bro lives there). I am looking for sponsorship and was wondering if hospitals sponsor students, pay for their schooling in return for that student working for them for like 3 - 5 years? If so, does anyone knows of any such hospitals? I have asked three schools to send me their catalogs (University of Central Lancaster, University of Wales, Bangor, and Oxford Brooks University). Is anyone famaliar with any of these schools? 2) One school sent me along with the catalog a Bursary Rate sheet (non-means tested). What does this means?? Any answers will be greatly appreciated. I want to move in May so that I can visit schools and get as much info for September 2004. Thanks. Antoinette
  8. Hello all, My name is Antoinette, presently residing in the US, but cam here from the caribbean island of Trinidad. My question is: I would like to move to the UK (where my sis. and bro. lives) or to Aus. to pursue a career in nursing. I want to go to school there, but don't know where to start. I also love travelling, and I think it would be easier to travel to places like Paris,France,Scotland etc if i was there. I went to the UCAS website and saw mostly (if not all) schools for the UK, but not for Aus. Can someone pleaasee help me contact schools in Aus (the best schools for nursing that is), and what I need to know, do etc. Any info would certainly help. Thanks a lot. Tonie (Antoinette)
  9. Caribbeanfem

    Can I pat my own back??

    Congrats. Just reading all these threads about first time nursing students is getting me all excited about going to nursing school. I will be doing my prerequisites soon, and already have the mind set of getting all A's and a 4.0 GPA :roll Again CONGRATS
  10. Caribbeanfem

    I'm hoping someone can help me

    Thanks to all who reply to my post. Sashi maybe you can email me, and we can talk. I am willing to relocate if I have to.
  11. Caribbeanfem

    I'm hoping someone can help me

    Hello, Since hich school into the working field, I've loved computers and wanted to major in computer technology. Now that I've moved to the US from the caribbean island of Trinidad, and still like to work with computers, I've decided to become a nurse. Not because of the money (which is good), but because when my grandmother was ill, I have taken care of her, and enjoyed it. She died almost 14 years ago, and my dad who has died from lung cancer 3 years ago. My sister is a nurse in the UK, and now I want to be a nurse (for all the right reasons). My dilema is I'm in the US and don't have my green card as yet, but reeaally want to go to school. I was looking for a hospital who will pay for my schooling, sponsor me, and in return for me working for them for like 5 years. I guess I just want someone to take a chance on me. I know I can do this. I have already written down what books to buy including the NYCLEX books, and going to schools here in NY asking about what I have to do and classes to take before I can enroll. Needed to talk and ask for advice. Any replies will be appreciated. Thanks