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  1. megc629

    Suggestions for Truman prereq professors??

    Charlie Abrams is awesome for chemistry! There are lots of opportunities for points and he is passionate about chemistry. I took Chem 201 with him and he was also teaching organic chem at that time.
  2. megc629

    Summer positions for nursing student

    Thanks! I will have completed my first semester and clinical rotation (med/surg) in mid May. I would take a pct or cna position to get more hospital and patient experience. Most of the positions I have seen for nursing students want you to be in your last year or semester of school.
  3. Does anyone have any ideas on places hiring nursing students? I will have my CNA license in June, after my first semester is over. But I wanted to try and line something up before then. Most hospitals will not hire you unless you already have your CNA license. Any help is appreciated!
  4. A note about the chemistry class at Truman. I took my pre-req's there. I have a BS in Finance and had not taken chemistry since high school. Truman told me I needed to take chem 121 and them chem 201. I ended up testing out of chem 121. The test was really easy. I bought and read Chemistry for Dummies ($30), and studied for a weekend. I passed the test and went right into chem 201. And I got an A in chem 201. So, save yourself the time and money if you can pass the placement test!
  5. megc629

    CNA jobs in Chicago

    I will be finishing my CNA class next month and should be certified in March. Does anyone have suggestions for good places to work as a CNA? I plan on applying at the hospitals near me (North side of Chicago). Any suggestions for LTC or nursing homes? Thanks!!!
  6. megc629

    West Suburban College Of Nursing

    Sorry to take so long to respond to your question! I am applying to JJC, Truman, and Daley for the fall 2010. I was really interested in West Suburban, despite the bad reviews. Then I found out that they would not take a lot of my classes from my previous degree. My options were to take the classes again, or take the CLEP exam. I would have needed to take 5 CLEP exams! They tests are about $70 each and if you pass the CLEP, you get credit for a "C" grade. So that would have really lowered my gpa. I decided to spend less money and go for the associates at a community college. I know that I will be able to work at least a few hours a week that way too!
  7. megc629

    West Suburban College Of Nursing

    When I was looking in to West Suburban, I looked for people on Facebook. You can search by school. I sent them private messages and asked their opinion. Most of them responded, and the responses were overall negative. You may want to try that to search for more current students.
  8. megc629

    Norridge Healtcare & Rehab

    I applied a few months ago for their CNA program and never heard anything back from them. I did not follow up because there is a slip of paper stapled to the top of the application that states in big, bold letters "Do not call us to ask about the status of your application. We will call you." The application seemed pretty straightforward, but it did not give the specifics of the program.
  9. megc629

    Norridge Healtcare & Rehab

    Anyone know anything about this place? I am thinking about doing my CNA training there. What do you think? Any info is greatly appreciated!
  10. megc629

    JJC Spring 2010 applicants

    Please, please, please share your scores, gpa, classes taken. I too am incredibky frustrated I did not get in and what to know how I stacked up. Thanks!
  11. megc629

    Purdue (Hammond) Accelerated BSN Program

    Anyone have any info on this program???
  12. megc629

    JJC Spring 2010 applicants

    Jenifu - what classes have you already taken?
  13. megc629

    JJC Spring 2010 applicants

    The TEAS is changing so I have to take it again anyway. The averages were in my denial email. Can the people who got in please share their application info? I want to know if I should keep trying to get in or stop wasting my time. My TEAS scores were right on the money, so I don't think that was the reason I didn't get in.
  14. megc629

    JJC Spring 2010 applicants

    The email came this afternoon. I did not get in and am devastated. The TEAS average was 84.6 and reading was 94.9. I had a 93 in reading and 86 overall. I don't know what my exact GPA was, but I had all As except for Psych 101, in which I got a B. I have also taken the following: Anatomy 1, Eng 101, Psych 101, Psych 215, Health 109, Spch 101. Does anyone know if there is a waiting list? Good luck to everyone else!
  15. megc629

    JJC Spring 2010 applicants

    If any of the other applicants are interested, maybe we can exchange phone numbers and or email addresses so we can notify each other to check our jjc email! If you want to do this, email me at mcollins629 at gmail.com