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Does anyone have any ideas on places hiring nursing students? I will have my CNA license in June, after my first semester is over. But I wanted to try and line something up before then. Most hospitals will not hire you unless you already have your CNA license.

Any help is appreciated!

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The places which offer summer positions is substantially fewer than it was in the past. UofI Medical Center's program bit the dust and Northwestern Memorial's program has been scaled back so that it is now offered only to those students who do not have the opportunity to go to NWM in their regular clinical rotations. Applications for Children's Memorial's program closed on Wednesday, those for Advocate Christ closed Feb 10th, and those for West Suburban closed at the beginning of March.

RIC supposedly has a program that's open, though you'd have to call their Human Resources people and ask about it as I can't find it on their website (though they tell me it's there). NorthShore University Healthsystems takes nursing students as PCTs without CNA certs. Mercy hospital on the South side has "Collegiate Nurse" positions which are geared towards nursing students, though those also appear to be glorified PCT positions. Advocate Lutheran General's website claims it has a program, but tells you to contact HR about it (who will claim ignorance of the entire thing when you do). Additionally, many of the smaller hospitals around the city may also have openings that allow for nursing students, you just need to cruise their HR pages to see what's open.

How much of your program have you completed? Most institutions want nursing students to have completed at least one full clinical rotation, and possibly an assessment class, before working as a PCT. Some spots, such as those in the ED, may be geared solely towards students either in or entering their final year of nursing school.


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I will have completed my first semester and clinical rotation (med/surg) in mid May. I would take a pct or cna position to get more hospital and patient experience. Most of the positions I have seen for nursing students want you to be in your last year or semester of school.