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  1. pH7.40

    How to deal with slack students

    "As a student it is sometimes hard to read your preceptor.... does she want me to jump in? Does she want me to wait to be asked? Does she want me to follow her every step or does she want me to back off????? All questions that we wrestle with in our heads. The absolute best day I EVER had was when I had a seasoned ICU nurse meet me eye to eye at the desk. She said "I'm glad you are here today. This is how I work. This is what I expect from you. I am here to teach you anything that you want to learn, but I will not beg you to follow me and get involved. I would love to have you right beside me all day long, but if you just want to sit at the desk, I'm not going to come and get you. I would love to show you how to do procedures, but if you don't want to try, I'm not going to beg you". She scared the crap out of me, but I knew exactly how it was going to be up front and I learned a ton! It was a great day! " This is a great example of drawing very clear lines for expectations while allowing for the student to step back if they feel overstimulated or overwhelmed.
  2. pH7.40

    How to deal with slack students

    First off set very clear rules or expectations for them so they know what not to do and dont hurt anyone, including themselves. Secondly, critical care is really intense. There is so much to learn! Try to focus more on keeping them safe and cultivating a love of critical thinking and pathophysiology rather than splitting hairs over every detail. It takes years to learn and master the details. Give them simple hands on tasks, like priming IV tubing. Break it down into simple steps. Also the students who seem like slackers just simply might already know that they do not want to be critical care nurses... and thats ok. Its not your fault, critical care just isnt for them. In my nursing school during clinicals I was dying to get to the hospital every day, even went the day before to pick out my patient and look up everything in advance while other nursing students absolutely hated it and couldnt wait to leave. Its an intense environment and some people can take it only in very small doses. One fellow student of mine I remember passed out during a rather bloody insertion of an ng or foley ( i wasn't there). She fell hit her head and got a black eye. It was just too much for her. Just accept people for where they are in the process and try not to scare them...because lets face..us ICU nurses can be intimidating. hope that gives you some words of encouragement. And its awesome that you are willing to share your knowledge by precepting.
  3. Does anyone know the average cost per day per patient for staying in the icu? I heard its around $10,000. I'm trying to gather facts. thanks, your fellow icu nurse!
  4. pH7.40

    Study on recession's effect on nursing shortage

    The hospitals intentionally short staff as a cost cutting measure. I wish patient's families would complain to administration.
  5. I work night shift and the hospital where I work is cutting break relief so that we don't have break relief till our census at medium acuity is 15. Yet day shift has break relief with 1 patient. Does anyone know if there is a study which states when the majority of codes/rrts happen? When in your experience do most codes/rrts happen? Thanks everyone.. Stay strong in this trying economic time.
  6. pH7.40

    Be Careful Who You Trust - Nurses Included

    http://www.abqjournal.com/opinion/dimond/06211515dimond06-06-09.htm It is fiction. This is an exert from a fictional story I found by cut and pasting part of the text in the google search engine. Again i find it not very realistic.
  7. pH7.40

    Be Careful Who You Trust - Nurses Included

    I find that this story reeks of fiction. But if it is true we should be just as horrified of the author not doing anything about it or making public the hidden horrific acts committed. I find this article goes against the realities of how hospitals work.
  8. pH7.40

    sterile or tap water for meds?

    Our nations tap water is regularly screened for the acceptable limits of toxins and bacteria. Tap water should be acceptable. The bottom line for you as a bedside nurse is to check your facilities policy and procedures and follow what your facility has decided. I would like you to ask the advocates of "sterile water" why is the water that is unacceptable for patients to drink, ie tap water, considered acceptable for the hospital staff nurses doctors and visitors to drink at water fountains and cafeteria. We need those flora and fauna to populate our gut!
  9. pH7.40

    Louisville salary

    Hey Everyone! I'm originally from louisville but now work as a BSN RN in the bay area. Am a little home sick and considering moving home. I'm just trying to figure out how much I would be making in Louisville as compared to here. Can anyone tell me the hourly rate for an RN? Any info about shift diff for a BSN RN in critical care with two years experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. pH7.40

    Drill weekends

    I'm in the same boat and was wondering what this would be like. Thanks for asking. If I find out anything else will let you know.
  11. pH7.40

    Things Patients Have Taught Me NOT To Do.

    Really is that anatomically possible? omg............dilaudid please.
  12. pH7.40

    Things Patients Have Taught Me NOT To Do.

    never drink gasoline.. no matter how much you want vodka.
  13. pH7.40

    FIVE family members in a crowded ICU rm all night long!

    actually thought of wearing one myself. I don't think the family realizes how they exhaust the pt. as well as themselves. And no I can't brush her hair now because I need to hang some fluids and a pressor to keep her alive!
  14. I didn't realize how much I loved this site until suddenly it changed and was different and I was faced with the possibility of losing all I had loved. But alas, all is well at allnurses.com
  15. They weren't going up there for me at all. BUT thank god they are now. Thank you whoever fixed that.