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  1. Sea Glass

    Passed NCLEX June 2016 in 75 Questions

    Hello, can you send me the link to where I can find the Cheat and cram sheets. I haven't been able to find them. Thank you.
  2. Hi, Would you also mind sending me any notes you have at lizweeman@yahoo.com
  3. Sea Glass

    Passed nclex-rn on 6th attempt- here's my story

    Congratulations! That's awesome you passed! My school required us to use ATI Tutor to prepare for the NCLEX. I had started it in the beginning of the summer and ran out of time so had to pay a few to continue to use it. I just ran out again and decided not to pay another fee again. We had to get a 92% on the ATI predictor to get the green light to register for the NCLEX. I only got an 87%. I also felt like all the practice assessment questions were not at all comparable to the questions on the predictor. I felt like those questions were so different from what I was used to seeing. Has anyone else used ATI and felt the same way. I do have access to UWorld and the NCLEX Mastery App. I like both of them but I like UWorld better. I am wondering if those questions are at all similar to what the NCLEX questions are like. I am afraid of getting to the exam and seeing questions that are so different from what I am used to. I also suffer from test anxiety, which is making it difficult for me to get focused to study for the NCLEX.
  4. Sea Glass

    Pharmacology Flashcards

    Hello, Thank you for posting these. I have been trying to open them on my pc but haven't had any luck. The word docs open but are blank. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Sea Glass

    Pharmacology Flashcards

    I am having trouble opening these documents from my pc. Any suggestions. The word documents are blank. Thank you.
  6. Sea Glass

    Definition of Health

    We are using the book - Nursing Basics for Clinical Practice by Audrey Berman.
  7. Sea Glass

    Definition of Health

    Hello, I have to write my own definition of Health and my Phylosophy of Nursing. One of the questions for defining health is: Is a person more than a physiological system? Does this mean that how a person acts depending on their surroundings - physically, psychologicall and socially? Also what should I include in my Phylosophy Of Nursing. It needs to be at least a page long. I am going to include these sections: Person, Nurse, Environment and Health.
  8. Sea Glass

    Help! New Nursing Student

    Thank you for your encouragement. I am hoping once I get into the swing of things that it will work out better. My first week didn't start off so good as a friend had stayed over the night before I started and was sick all night long. So I didn't get any sleep at all. Uggh!
  9. Sea Glass

    Help! New Nursing Student

    Hello, I am a new nursing student at Massaosit Community College. I just finished my first week and feel completely overwhelmed and wondering if I can really do it. I am also working full time for now. I originally thought this program was geared towards working people and people with families. I have been told my 2nd year students that they are not working or only working parttime. Also most of the people are either not working or working parttime but most have a family to take care of. I am a single person in my 40's so my plan is to study about 4 or 5 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Am I in over my head and should I get out now. I am also thinking that maybe I should try to get a student loan and try to cut my work hours back. I am not eligible for most student financial aid since I used it to get a Bachelor's degree. Any advice. I am also working on writing my Philosophy of nursing.