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Hello, I am a new nursing student at Massaosit Community College. I just finished my first week and feel completely overwhelmed and wondering if I can really do it. I am also working full time for now. I originally thought this program was geared towards working people and people with families. I have been told my 2nd year students that they are not working or only working parttime. Also most of the people are either not working or working parttime but most have a family to take care of. I am a single person in my 40's so my plan is to study about 4 or 5 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Am I in over my head and should I get out now. I am also thinking that maybe I should try to get a student loan and try to cut my work hours back. I am not eligible for most student financial aid since I used it to get a Bachelor's degree. Any advice. I am also working on writing my Philosophy of nursing. :crying2:

I too just finished my first week... But Im telling you right now that YOU CAN DO THIS! You just need to get organized... Make out a schedule and schedule in your reading/study time. But dont try and cram it all in on just the weekends. My professor said to work in two hours a day for study time, which to me seems fairly possible for anyone... Stay up a little later, cut out tv time, etc. Just remember many people before you HAVE made it through with kids and full time jobs. It'll be hard but totally worth it. And I would definitely suggest taking out loans to help with bills and cutting your hours (IF POSSIBLE). Once your a nurse you'll be able to pay them off no problem. Just remember that we all worked our butts off to get here so dont give up now. Good Luck and keep up posted

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I think that whether people think a program is "geared" towards students with jobs and/or families or not, it's going to be challenging just because of the material. I work full time and have three young kids at home. Is that the ideal situation for going back to school? Probably not. Do I have any other option? Nope. So, you've got to just make the best of what you've got. There are some students in my class with no family responsibilities or jobs, but they're not necessarily putting in more time than I am. It's going to be what you make of it. I would recommend that if working less is an option, that might be good. But only if you know that it's the only way you can find the time you need. A little efficiency can go a long way. Good luck.

Thank you for your encouragement. I am hoping once I get into the swing of things that it will work out better. My first week didn't start off so good as a friend had stayed over the night before I started and was sick all night long. So I didn't get any sleep at all. Uggh!

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